Rookie Content On Display at the 2016 NFL Rookie Premiere

We have all been waiting with extreme anticipation for what is coming during Topps Huddle’s first experience at the NFL rookie premiere under their full license. We knew that with full reign to do anything they so desire, the fire was coming, and now that we are getting a better look at what they had planned, I dont think even I was ready for how cool some of this stuff is.

Mini Camp Series

Ci8N4_CVAAAJ3EIOver the last few weeks, NFL teams have gathered across the country for their first organized team activities of the offseason. Many rookies were present to get their first go as a member of the organization, and with it, many cool action shots of the rookies as they put on the gear for the first time.

The design for this set is minimalistic, but man, it is sure good looking. The Huddle team has made it their mission for the offseason to make stunning trading cards, and they have succeeded in spades. Each rookie looks like they are ready to jump off the front of the card, and the gold variants should be pretty tough to track down. Awesome, awesome stuff.

Mini Camp Live Signatures

During the course of today’s on the field activities, Topps has been hosting each of the rookies and getting them to actually SIGN the cards on a tablet. These cards will be added to the app over this weekend, and its not going to be something you will want to miss. These cards should be some of the best rookie based cards of the program, and will be coveted by all the team collectors that are out there.


So far, we know that there will be base and gold variants, but we have yet to see the full scope of what the program looks like. Live signatures has never happened in Topps Digital before, and I cannot wait to see it drop.

Drawn Play Signatures

After signing their mini camp cards, the players are also taking time to draw out their favorite plays on the tablet, which will then be converted into cards as well. These plays look like the rookies really took the time to diagram out some of their best moves, and it is going to be pretty cool to see how huddle uses the cards.


In Uniform Player Photos

Being that Topps does not have a physical trading card license, they are likely not going to granted access to the field to take their own shots with the players. They are likely going to be forced to create a photo booth in their tent and do the best they can. Although this is unfortunate in so many ways, they should be able to get some awesome content from all the rookies who cycle through their station.


Right now we know about a small portion of the plans for what is going down, but its guaranteed that you will want to be waiting on this content.

Stay tuned for more information as the event closes out.

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