Star Wars Card Trader Posters – Thoughts on the New Waves

A few weeks ago, I expressed some major dissatisfaction regarding the lack of usage for the teaser character posters that were used to promote the Force Awakens. I was upset that wave one was more focused on the original trilogy and IMAX exclusives, instead of the ones we saw garner major collector attention on the physical side.

Star Wars Card trader Posters ReyStar Wars Card trader Posters kylo ren

Now that we are through wave 2, I am happy that we FINALLY got the full series of character posters, plus a few others that look just as cool. The team definitely delivered on the ask, and I am super excited to have collected all of them. These were the posters that I had been waiting for since last year, and thankfully there were not any short print surprises that kept them out of the hands of the people that wanted them so badly.

To make things even sweeter, we got the theatrical poster as the award for wave 1, something I had been similarly desiring from the first wave, and now that it is checked off the list, its looking like wave 3 is starting off with even more coming this week.

Star Wars Card Trader posters award

Its pretty clear to me that although we got the posters after the wait through the first program, I still think this could have worked out a lot better had the release been done more like the first posters series released last year. With so many variants and Den exchanges that were put in place for these, it was almost as confusing to collect them as ever. At some point, the team has to recognize that using that many variants isnt going to be something that the fans will react to on a large scale.

I understand why they wanted to use the posters in this fashion, as they didnt want to have sold out cards with more people hungry to open packs. At the same time, there are many ways to do that without offering more than 10 different varieties along the way. That is what made the original cards so attractive – simplicity in look and simplicity in release.

Either way, im just happy to get the ones I asked for, and I am really excited that more are on the way. Collecting these sets has been fun on the base level, as the odds are not crazy enough that you cant pull the cards you want.  Similarly, the new framing on the cards has grown on me over the last few weeks, and I think that for most of the posters it is added to, the cards do look nice. Im not sure if we have the full information on why frames are needed, but im not as taken aback by them as I was when Series II launched.

In closing, sometimes its just better to revel in the completion of a set. It might not be perfect, it might not even be ideal, but it is fun to know that you have the things you wanted and are in line for the reward. I think that recent content has gotten better in many different ways, and it seems like they are opening up a bit on original cards in the app. Posters might not be 100% original, but its content that the fans adore. Im hoping that as the weeks progress towards the release of Rogue One, we continue to see fun chases all over the app.

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  1. Totally agree with stuff said here. However, they’ve moved to an even clunkier model IMO with the wave 3 release.

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