Making Sense of the Power Box Format on SWCT

Yesterday afternoon, we saw a format come to SWCT that has been used in Bunt and Huddle to deliver a large amount of premium content in one specific place. The are called power boxes in this format, and from my experience, if you are a character hoarder, these might be the best deal we have seen in a long time.



In the power boxes you get 15 cards, which are made up of base and a guaranteed insert. For the first time in recent memory, I found myself ripping packs because of the base setup, not the insert setup. Its pretty awesome to see that ripping a 50k coin pack will get you a great mix of Orange, Green, and Red base, with most packs giving up to 5 oranges at one clip.

Adding in that there are armory cards and the new Saber Warriors set also included, and I think this becomes a no-brainer to rip at least one if you have some coins saved up. I ripped a few looking to get set on some orange and green cards to trade for my hoard character, and ended up with some nice inserts as well.

The Gold Armory cards will be the top inserts in the box that anyone can reasonably pull, and at 50 copies, they could end up being quite valuable. Reds and purple are also included alongside the gold, limited to 2500 and 500, which is pretty cool to see.


Ripping Packs

Before you dive in on the 50k box, make sure to spend the .99 and get the reduced cost 25k pack once per day. After that, rip away. At 25k, this pack is literally a steal, and I cannot even put into words how much you get for so little.

Remember, orange and greens are quite the tough pulls in the regular packs, and to see these power boxes spit them out at a crazy clip is insane.

Using What You Get

The hyperspace variants are calling my name after ripping through these packs. With so many orange and green cards that are needed for these, its going to be really cool to see how the counts fair after these boxes get a chance to marinate.

Similarly, with the hoard rewards still unknown, stacking up on the tougher parallels is never a bad thing. These types of packs are going to be the ticket to making sure that you arent on the wrong side of the velvet rope if/when the bigger hoard prizes are released.

Insert Values

As mentioned above, the inserts are all in conjunction with the Clone Wars cartoon, something Im not wholly familiar with. That being said any insert that is given in conjunction with some great base stuff is worth the look. Dont scoff at having this extra trade bait, and use it to your advantage if you arent a cartoon type collector.

I had some success filling out poster sets and getting some needed cards for sets in return for the ones I pulled, which was really nice.

Im curious to see how the format continues to evolve in the app, because its clear that there will be some takers if the pack remains this helpful.

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