Value of Physical to Digital Redemption Cards

With the launch of Topps Series 2 Baseball, we are getting our second dose of redemptions in Bunt for the year. They are added onto redemptions we have seen for SWCT in physical products and also in Kick. With the absence of a physical product to include Huddle redemptions, that’s not likely in the cards. Considering all of these situations, its time to talk about how much the redemptions are worth in app, especially when Bunt is going to be releasing an entire product based around these cards in August.


Here is what makes redemption cards so valuable. A lot of things have to go right for them to end up in the app. When these first started it was a lot less likely to check all the items on the list, but that has changed more recently with so many people joining the fray.


First, someone has to buy the physical product, and for many of the redemptions, the cards are close to impossible pulls. That means a lot of packs need to be opened, and if the product isnt popular, the redemptions can stay buried well past the expiration date.

Second, the person who pulls it needs to know what it represents. Thankfully, Topps serially numbered the physical cards, and most collectors are trained to not toss those. That being said, with SWCT redemptions numbered to 100, that COULD end up in a common box.

Third, the person has to redeem it. Maybe not the person that pulled it, but the person that eventually ends up with the card needs to get it into the app. That isnt always available because there are reasons not to scratch the code and alter the card if you are not going to use it. There are player collectors out there who this could cause some problems.

As a result, the cards are in demand and low supply. Some of the Bunt versions ended up as 1/1s. Obviously, value is so extreme, it will be out of scope for most users.

Subject Matter

As we see with everything in the apps, the subject of these cards is always a big deal for the different examples. The better the stuff on the front of the card, the more value it will have.

For Bunt, this means that there are some players that are going to be more valuable than others. Same thing goes with boost level and the general look of the card. So far, because the SWCT versions are the Classic Art series that has 3-5 variants outside of the redemptions, the value is capped lower than it would be if these cards were it.

For Bunt and Kick, the redemptions are exclusive, so it adds to the allure.


These cards are like lightning rods. Because many of them are so rare, they attract a crowd of individuals who are much more likely to hang onto them than trade them for a few sigs here and there. Newer users who own the redemptions are much more likely to need the top cards in the app, and for a lot of people, they would be swayed by a crazy offer.

If the person who owns the card is a big spender, their needs of the lesser cards might end up being significantly less.

Overall, if you own one of the redemptions, consider yourself among the lucky. It just becomes a hood ornament on a luxury car in a lot of examples, and that status symbol can mean something for a lot of people. I love these programs because they cross over the barriers between physical and digital. Lets be honest, anytime that happens, it becomes a benefit.

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