New Base Cards On the Way for Star Wars Card Trader

As we found out earlier this past week, SWCT is well on its way to launching new base cards, something that has always been a big deal in the app. Not only does it give another opportunity to add a hoard character to your collection, but it is kind of a refresher for the app in a lot of different ways.

s-l1600star wars card trader base series 4

In the new cards we are finally starting to get some spoiler-ish content around the Force Awakens in base format, and that is well overdue. We are well past the point of the statute of spoileration and I am glad that we are finally getting some better content as it relates to the movie in that format.

As for the design, it hasnt changed all that much, which is something that I find to be attractive in this part of the “new look base” road map. Even though new base was released a while ago, we are still well short of the expectations that people have around rewarding hoards and that type of thing. Monuments are still not on the radar, and I know there are a lot of people that want to see what is going on there.

star wars card trader base series 4 ha

Its clear that the base journey hasnt yet ended, and that they now have a new crop of cards to start looking at building out variants. The issue is that with Series 3, I havent seen a lot of people that are even hungry for a long new variant journey through the colors, and that’s not even talking about paying a lot of money for the cards.

At some point, there needs to be a new tun sung around base cards and the monetization surrounding their release. Although everyone loves a new base release, its something that im not sure is the event it used to be. Bringing pay to play preview cards into the mix is a great way to get people eager for the packs to hit, but I think the law of diminishing returns is in play at a growing incidence.

Hopefully we get some fun new parts to the puzzle that we were missing, or at least a fun new way to engage with the content we are seeing in the checklist. Lightsaber Rey is a sweet addition to the base group of cards, and I really like that they are continuing to make base a big focus in the future.

star wars card trader base series 4 ha.jpg

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