SWCT Prime Bringing Back the Heat to Collecting Marathons?

There are a few beloved names in SWCT that everyone will chase, including a few that have a big enough following to crash the app. Nightbrothers, Reflections, and a handful of other sets are held with such regard, that they have the ability to mobilize the community to chase without question. When the first series of Vintage was in the midst of wave 1, leg 1, it was a similar situation. The app crashed on a few occasions because of the demand for the cards. Since that time, its been tough to figure out a marathon chase that has a similar impact to the sets mentioned above.

Star Wars Card Trader Prime

When the first card for Prime hit, I think there were a lot of people who saw the potential in what it was about. Retro design, tough odds, great subject matter. Since then, so many people have tried to get their piece of the pie that it becomes difficult to open packs when Prime goes live. This isnt a bad thing outside of functionality – it shows the community can still move the needle when something cool hits packs. Seeing that the big thing is a 30 week marathon remains extremely promising.

I have said a number of times that SWCT needs to find a new wheelhouse, as people were getting seemingly restless with the way things were going. Prime might be a good indicator that some of the old dogs still have new tricks. I dont think it puts the conversation of rerouting things to bed, but it shows the importance that good design and format have to a card’s popularity.

My personal list of contributing factors to card value tends to focus on a few major things, and even then nothing is definite. First is card count. when a lower card count set is released, its easier to make the release stick with the community. Second is variants. The fewer the variants, the lower the supply, the more easy it becomes to instill demand. Third is design. With a good looking card and the other pieces in place, a juggernaut can be expected. Last is subject/theme. With good characters and good themes in place, the cherry can be placed atop the sundae. Delivery method can also be a factor, but people want cool cards regardless of how they come packaged.

Prime seems to hit on all these different things and does so in a way that we havent seen for a long time. No variants, low count, great design, great subject matter and a simple delivery method. I hope this means more to come, as it would definitely be welcome.

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