Topps Previews 2017 Flagship – Quick Look at Impact On Bunt

If you are following along on the physical side, Topps has just published the first look at the flaghsip design for their base baseball products. This design, much like 2016, will likely fund the look for 2017 Bunt as well, and I wanted to go through some initial thoughts.

2017 Topps baseball Bunt

First off, I think the design definitely goes down a path that has a retro looking feel to it. Funny enough, retro being 1998, still looks pretty modern, so it looks really cool. I like the metal framework nameplate, although Im not a huge fan of the tilted team logo.

The full bleed photos are back for the most part, and that remains one of the best features of this card. I like they have decided to go borderless for two years running now, and its going to be interesting if the name plate is used to show color in parallels.

For Bunt, they still have a lot of options when building out the design to show boost levels and other variations. This will work better for them than 2016, even though I think that the 2016 design is better as a whole.

EDIT: As was being discussed on Twitter, there might be a reason that Bunt has the desire to develop its own design, especially with the pending release of its own physical product. Curious to see how this shakes out.

Curious to see what people think on their end – comments welcome!


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