Signatures Awaken – Boyega and Ridley Invade SWCT

This is a time that some have been eagerly awaiting, the addition of new Force Awakens main characters to the signature side of the app. With new deals on the physical side getting signed, the app team now has more and more actors they can play with, including two of the four best names you can have. Although we are still waiting on Harrison Ford and Mark Hammill to be added, we now have John Boyega (Finn), and Daisy Ridley (Rey) on board. The cards are pretty awesome to boot.

Star Wars Card Trader Rey Signature

The first batch of cards rehashed the signature design we have seen now for almost a year, which was a bit disappointing. Although I think the design was good at first, I think it has gotten a bit tired. Adding so many variants to the original batch has diluted the way the signatures are valued, and I was actually curious why they didnt use the design from the pack art instead of the one they chose.

As the moved onto the movie vision, dual signature and signature relic cards, thats when I jumped in head first. Not only was it a fresh design, but the cards reflected a lot of what I was hoping to see. Although the variant count is already starting to increase for the cards, im still loving the direction of the design work for these examples.

Star Wars Card Trader Signature Relic

The signature relic is turning out to be an EXTREMELY tough pull, which is unfortunate based on how awesome the card looks. If you are a physical collector, it represents a very similar approach to what Topps has done in their high end sports sets. I have a feeling we are going to see a lot more usage of this type of approach, especially as more and more physical sets utilize these signers. Seeing that they are also working on a SWCT physical set, I can see a sig relic level of design taking hold.


Bottom line, having Rey signatures in the app is a very good thing. People loved Force Awakens, they love the new story, and Rey is central to that. There are a few creepier reasons why people like her, but it all goes to the same place in the app. People want more cards that use her character in cool ways. Of course, if they try to milk the ideas dry with variants of existing cards, instead of developing new sets, its going to be as stale as we saw the original signatures get. Rey or no Rey, fresh content reigns supreme. These signatures are definitely in that vein.

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