2016 Topps Bunt Physical is Here: What You Need to Know

The day has finally come for the Bunt crossover product, and I could not be more excited. For those of you who arent aware, there is a physical card product that is being released in Hobby stores and retail tomorrow that will have connection to the digital app we all know and love.


Not only are there physical versions of the cards from the app, but there are exclusive base cards, as well as loot cards that function as digital redemptions for in game packs. Worth adding that Topps has a checklist of autograph content that adds real signatures to the digital designs.


In all honesty, what makes this product so attractive is the price combined with the digital redemption aspect, in combination with the potential to get some autograph content at a higher odds ratio.

Impact on Physical

Honestly, this product is more of a win for the physical side than the digital side for a number of reasons. I dont really see a huge clip of physical collectors opening this box and being turned onto digital in a way they havent already seen. In my mind, this is basically a way to entice the larger population of digital collectors to rip some physical packs for the first time.

Impact on Digital

This is where things get interesting. Loot cards are hitting at 1:3 physical packs, and these are where the real gems are. Topaz base that are boosted, plus some opportunity to pull even more inserts. The checklist is pretty stacked, and that means that the cards will be that much more valuable in the game.

There are also digital redemptions for inserts in the physical packs, from what it looks like, which might mean even more of a reason to rip this in mass.

Group Breaks

There are a lot of people who will see that group breaks of the product are online with some of the main players in the GB game. These group breaks might be a way to get in on some of the cards if you arent near a hobby shop.  The different formats are random team or pick your team, where you will have the chance to get a lot of different cards from a team you pick or a team that is decided by draw. Word to the wise: read into how the loot cards are being distributed, because these are where things will make or break your participation.


If you want to get an idea of who is included on the checklist, here is the link to Topps’ website.

Topps Bunt 2016 Checklist – Topps.com

Words of Warning

Redemption cards and autographs are TOUGH pulls. This set should not be purchased for people that want to hit the big cards. This is cheap fun with collecting the set and maybe getting lucky along the way. Autographs fall something like 1:10000 packs. If you are a Bunt player and want to get the loot cards, plus some fun other inserts, this will be a blast.

Overall – dont hesitate to shoot me a question on Twitter, im going to be ripping quite a bit of this and will be posting the goods online.

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