Bunt Postseason Update: Bask in the Playoff Glory

Today we got the update we were waiting on, and now that the regular season is over, the real fun begins. Postseason contest play has been pretty incredible these last few years, with last year delivering some insane physical prizes that many individuals dedicated a ton of time to winning. The best part about all of this is that the playoff games are so much fun to watch, that playing along just fits with all the baseball most of us will be watching over the next month and change.



The post season base is a play on the regular season cards, but I think this goes to show that its worth giving TOPPSDAN the opportunity to design the regular season stuff too. When you use the physical design, you are limited to the way that it fits with the app, and these post season cards really showcase what could be possible.


I love the stadium lights behind the team logo and the simplified boost structure really plays well with the bars on the cards. They used updated pictures for all players, just like last year, and some of them are pretty cool from celebrations and the like.


There are 5 levels of base that run from 2x to 10x on the golds. This is a bit of a nerfing of the regular season golds which are now in the middle of the pile – even more-so with how easy it is to obtain the newer cards. Its a borderline reset, which isnt necessarily a bad thing – especially with a focus of delivering all aspects of the playoff roster for each of the teams.

Here is how it breaks down:

Base – 2x
Red – 3x
Blue – 4x
Silver – 5x
Gold – 10x

The massive jump between silver and gold is a bit much to me, but it will make those cards insanely valuable. If GO Boosts come in at 12-20x, it might take things even a bit further, but right in line with what we have seen in previous years.


The 50k jumbo packs offer A LOT of value for 50k coins, including some guaranteed gold and silver cards. It will help to get a nice clip of them in your stash as you go through things, so dont scoff at the price tag.

Contests will likely range from Fantasy style to unlimited play, so it will be helpful to get all you can of all the different main contributors for the team. Dont just go for pitchers, as with all games going on one at a time, there are plenty of opportunities to get hitters into play.

Gold should be plentiful, as they are guaranteed in Jumbo packs and the packs themselves arent too expensive. If you have the opportunity to stock up on guys that arent going to be GO boost level players, but still have a lot of points potential, that’s where you will see the biggest bump.

A word of warning, there will be people who spend millions of coins during this period of time. I know people who save coins all season just to get ready for this blitz, and they will be out in full force. If you arent going to spend or you arent going to trade like a maniac, you WILL be at a disadvantage. You need these cards to be near the top of the rankings to finish in the money, and that’s just buying cards. In all likelihood, there will be premium contests too, so its just not a free player paradise at all. If you want the goods, you have to pay.

Postseason Challenge

The main reason for going nuts is to win whatever prizes are available in the main contest that is coming. Things have ranged from your very own 1/1 of your likeness in the game, to a Mike Trout signed jersey and an iPad Pro. We havent gotten details yet, but get ready.

We also arent sure what the contests look like or the details for the contest prizes as well. There were special contest cards given out last year in addition to the physical prizes, and you will want to play in as many contests as you can just for that reason alone. Adding in the other stuff is gravy.

The details will likely be coming later today or early tomorrow, as they will need it up and running by the time the games start.

Overall, just have fun. This time is about that one last gasp of baseball before the offseason, so you might as well be involved at whatever level you can. As the game slate whittles down, the competition will increase, mainly because there are so many people watching. This is your time to shine, so dont let it slip away if you can dedicate your free moments to watching and playing along.

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2 Responses to Bunt Postseason Update: Bask in the Playoff Glory

  1. Jake says:

    They totally botched it with all Contests being “Limited Plays”, what fun is that? I get that some don’t want to follow along with each play and switch players in and out but there should have been a style for both. A lot of long time hardcore points players like myself were extremely unhappy. Limited play is more dumb luck than anything. And what was the point of 10x GO Boosts when Golds are 10x? The only thing impressive about the Postseason to this point is the card design, the rest has left much to be desired.

  2. vince says:

    how do one get to play in the unlimited play contest? I see the news about it; and have only seen the contest offered once to my BUNT account.
    is there a minimum criteria that needs to be met?

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