Goodwin Champions Arrives in Upper Deck e-Pack

As a physical collector, I absolutely loved Goodwin Champions, mainly because it was a fun product that had all sorts of interesting cards – both on the sports side of things and the non-sports side of things. This year’s set was especially interesting on the physical side thanks to Ben Simmons, who Upper Deck offered the first rookie cards and autographs in the product. They were selling for an absolute ton of money, and now that they are coming to e-Pack, I am seriously considering diving in pretty deep on the product. The set was just released this afternoon, and its going to generate some major buzz when people get information about the potential e-Pack exclusives that are included in the set.

ben-simmons-mini-e-pack ben-simmons-autograph-e-pack

Based on the releases I am seeing for Upper Deck, they are offering special Ben Simmons cards that are e-Pack exclusives. You can even get one of 25 autographed cards for putting together the 4 card Royal Red Achievement set and the Supernaturals 3D set if you are the among the first to complete the task. To get the non autographed version, you will need to collect the 3 card Mini Canvas Achievement set, which is only 50 cards printed. Definitely some amazing incentives for being on top of the release and ripping packs early on.


Goodwin could end up being a flagship type release for the non-hockey collectors that have been waiting for some new sports e-Pack content. With Michael Jordan and LeBron James as exclusive players of Upper Deck, this is the only opportunity collectors have to collect digital versions of their likeness that are also tied to physical cards. There are lots of relics and autographs to be had along the way, and I can guarantee you a big market for Ben Simmons and others who are part of the checklist.


Im also curious if the market for the Alice in Wonderland Artist Painted Booklet cards will be as strong now as it was upon release, as its clear that the cards are quite stunning. These will also be the first booklet cards available for trade in any type of digital format, and to tie them to the actual physical pieces is really cool.


Similarly interesting are the World War II autographed cards which will also be available in the release on e-Pack. These Museum Collection Signatures offer signatures from soldiers who served with the armed forces, and some have had some really amazing inscriptions based on what we saw with the physical set released a few months ago.

With the ability to transfer cards over to COMC for direct mailing or grading, its a huge deal to have access to both digital and physical versions of the print run. Just looking on eBay will show you how valuable Simmons and the other autographs are, and with digital and physical side by side, its no longer just about admiring the cards on your phone.

Ill have more information as the release goes down, but this is quite exciting to see.

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