SWCT Base Series 4: Going Retro

Over the last week, we have gotten our first look at Base Series 4, and it features the 1977 retro design that many of us have had a lot of exposure to over the last few years. Although its a fan favorite, there is a lot of questions surrounding the motivation around using the design again in the grand scheme of thing.

The Good

First off, there is no denying this design has gravitas with the fans. Its clear that it resonates, and has nostalgia associated with it that brings a positive reaction from many of the users.


It also brings the possibility of national attention having an anchor design that many outside Star Wars fans are familiar with. It gives them a point of reference that a larger portion of potential users are easily recognizing. In other words, this seems like a play for publicity, and Im perfectly fine with it. SWCT needs this type of exposure, and its clear that any additional users added could bring more trading partners and more potential for growth within the market.

I also like the delivery method of using the queue again, as its different and gives a lot of exposure to the cards that would normally be associated with a direct purchase bundle. Making them available through this type of pack journey isnt unwelcome to me. Much better than hitting a button and waiting for sales.

Lastly, I think the design has changed a little bit to be incorporated into Base 4, and they seem to be using more movie stills to generate the content. It looks cool, and I think with the departure from existing base has been long overdue. Although Base Series 2 was cool, I like the change to something completely different.

The Bad

Because this isnt a NEW design, its hard to support it as fully as we would with something completely brand new. This look has been trotted out so many different ways over the last 2 years, that by now, its a little stale to say the least.

I also think that with Rogue One coming into the fray, this is an opportunity to distance it from existing content within the app. Give the users an opportunity to have something with Rogue One base that hasnt existed yet. Its not as novel with the 1977 retro again, and that’s disappointing.

Im not entirely convinced that preview cards are necessary at all. From the beginning of the new design base that hit before the force awakens came out, I just wanted packs to open instead of being overly patient with Topps trying to monetize the release of a card set that shouldnt monitized.

In the end, the jury is still out on Base Series 4, at least as a whole. Going to be interesting to see how hoarding plays into all of this as well.

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2 Responses to SWCT Base Series 4: Going Retro

  1. ribors says:

    Agreed with the 1977 classic border. I love them, but having so many sets look the same can dilute all of them. I was hoping for a Topps Classic release similar to the two they did with TFA for Rogue One as hinted at in the new splash page, but I guess with the new base set, why bother?

    The Topps ESB border from 1980 physical set hasn’t been used in the app yet…would be nice to see that used at some point.

    1983 ROTJ physical set border used for new physical Rogue One Mission Briefing set, which presumably will make its appearance in the app.

  2. WatchGeek says:

    My only beef with the Base 4 chase were the non-tradeable cards that no one knew about until it was too late. I’m stuck trying to finish level 9 and can’t pull the Cassian classic card art..I pulled all the cards except that one. It’s underhanded to release a set without stating that some/all cards are not tradeable.

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