Revitalizing the Card Exchange

card-trader-build-a-shipWhen the card exchange was first introduced in Star Wars, I was really intrigued with the way the app would progress as a result of this new concept. At first it was used in some pretty simple ways, but was expanded to build ships and actually had a possibility of being used in some sort of gameplay if that’s the direction they wanted to go.

Instead, after a few months, it was pretty much abandoned, and though it was picked up in Bunt and Huddle with some upgrade offers, it hasnt really caught fire the way I thought it would. Recently, it was used as a vehicle for ticket cards given in Huddle over the course of each of the holidays. Although the execution had some odd moments, as a whole, it was a way to add some life into the exchange again.


So, this begs the question of how Topps can use the card exchange to really breathe some much needed life into the feature, as right now, im kind of low on how its been going right now.

Build a Card

I have wondered why the “puzzle card” idea wasnt part of the original design for the app and its use of the exchange. If users could pull pieces of a card that form something when the pieces are all exchanged, I think that would be a fun set. Dont tell people what the pieces form either – release a piece a day and run contests to see the first person to guess the final card.

Pack Redemptions

It would be cool if special packs could be redeemed through the exchange. It could be used for hoarding in SWCT, where a user could shred some base cards to get access to a pack that contains nothing but their hoard character. I think it would also serve well in the sports apps, with boosts and other types of cards being delivered through a special pack in the exchange.

Coin Card Exchanges

For a while, Topps has delivered coins in packs by using coin cards that are given to users who pull the cards in packs. It would be really cool if I could shred my coin cards, which no longer serve a purpose for a slot machine pull of inserts or more coins through the app. The higher the amount on the card? The better the odds you get something when shredded. I think that would clean out some of the bulk I have in my sheet, and it would be really cool to reward the players who obviously spent real money to get those cards in the first place.


Monument Type Cards 

I know it was a disaster to do all the monuments that were offered with series 1 and series 2 in SWCT. Combing through user names to make sure they werent offensive, actually adding the names, running the queries to see who had the goods, it was a lot of extra work. It was also a wildly popular and rewarding experience for the people that completed it, and really made the user feel accomplished for hoarding. Outside of adding user names to cards, which seems to be out of the question, the concept doesnt have to go away. Going out of one’s way to over collect a card, or put together a specific collection is something that should be recognized. Using the card exchange as a delivery for that recognition is a good place to start. Its clear that people would chase the cards, and I would love to see the ideas of a target card – not just for base, but for inserts too. Give people a few options to chase some pretty insane targets and let them fly in all the apps, not just SWCT.

Team or Affiliation Based Exchanges

Are you an Angels fan in Bunt? Here are some special shreds for you to do. Are you affiliated with the Empire in SWCT? You get access to these specific offers. So on and so on. I rarely see the team affiliation used any more, and even less so in the non-sports apps. Its unfortunate, because choosing your user profile at the beginning no longer really has any impact. Would love to see team specific exchange offers be used more frequently, as it would be a way to wall off some inserts and make users trade. Card trader is now in pretty much every game title, and this would be a fun set to have people put together.

Exchange Leaderboard

Im sure that Topps can highlight the top exchangers in the game. Users that have had the most exchanges under their name, and how to identify those people if desired. Would love to see recognition for those people, especially when there is SUCH a lack of recognition app wide. As a whole, this is something that needs to be addressed, but finding a way to build sets around top users would be great. Most exchanges of this particular card gets X. Something like that.

Overall, I feel like there isnt a lot of news lately that shows Topps has put a focus on developing features or their products. Release schedules and building cards/designs is a lot of work, but I want them to put a larger focus on really building out the apps too. Card exchange is a feature that already exists, the producers just need to use it in creative ways. It might not make DIRECT revenue that they can point to, but the indirect ripples can be very large as we saw in the past.




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