2017 Topps Bunt Brings Physical Crossover Back for Another Season


Got in some great news today, as we got a sell sheet for 2017 Topps Bunt, which is the second go around of the physical crossover product that debuted last year. There are some changes in configuration without much change in price, something that should go quite well for the new product. That being said, it all comes down to execution on the digital side of things, with the hope that it turns out more like SWCT’s crossover and less like the 2016 version.

Its not a secret that the crossover products are meant to be pack ripping mayhem for a small price. Because the relic and autograph content is limited and the digital redemptions are likely pretty cheap to produce, the overhead on the product is smaller than normal. Its really meant as a cheap introduction for both physical collectors to check out the digital platform and app faithful to try their hand at ripping real packs. It seemed to be pretty successful last year, so why not try it again.

This year’s inserts are some of the ones I found to be the better of the batch from 2016 Bunt, mainly the Galaxy, Invincible and Vapor cards that were so popular in the app itself. We also see that signature series has a new look, and it might be a free preview for what the card will look like in 2017 digital Bunt.

As for configuration, there will be more autograph content this time, with one per case autographs instead of one every 3 or 4 cases. We also see that loot codes will have 10 card packs attached, something that will remain similar to the 2016 product. I was hoping for more of the Star Wars approach, where users could use the card exchange to get the redemptions, but I guess that isnt happening.

I also see that there is still a low presence of redeemable inserts within the packs, with base versions of the redemption sets numbered as low as 99. I would love to see almost every card have a code, as that would bring a lot more attractiveness to the product from a digital side. Of course that would be quite the nightmare in setup, but I feel like it would provide a large incentive to go diving into packs.

Overall, Im excited to see crossover products back for another year. Hopefully we get more as the year goes on and that Bunt wont be the only baseball crossover we see.

Here is the complete info:

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1 Response to 2017 Topps Bunt Brings Physical Crossover Back for Another Season

  1. mark z says:

    do you know if equipment cards are still good when new year cards come out, or not?
    thanks, mark

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