What Value Do Eliminated Playoff Boosts Have?

2016-huddle-playoffs-dak-prescott-2017Its a sad day when your best stacked team gets eliminated, something that many of us likely experienced yesterday when the Packers pulled a miracle out of their nether regions to beat the popularly collected Cowboys. With that, it becomes a huge question for many new and existing users of what to do with all the boosts that no longer have any real contest value.

This isnt actually a very easy question to answer, and with many of the cards, they may be pretty low count in nature. That being said, there are a lot of reasons why value to non-team based collections will be minimal, even if your boost is below 10 count. For whatever reason, Huddle has become as much about contest viability as anything over the last few years, and its clear that boost for most cards is something that can drive value sky high.

My advice is simple – find the person who collects the team you have a ton of, and see if there is something you can work out. If that isnt in your wheelhouse, then its probably better to wait for the offseason, when all boosts are relegated to non-playable situations.

Regardless of what happens in the playoffs, everyone needs to be mindful of one thing in particular. No boosts from this program will likely be playable in 2017. Its in your best interest to acquire and divest as the need presents itself. Dont try to hold onto cards with the ill fated desire to use them next year. Its just not going to happen, if history speaks to the trend.

Overall, I have seen some people out there who will give low active boosts for expired ones if you have an opportunity to spend some time on the feed. Dont be that guy who wants a ton for those super low count golds and platinums, because you arent going to get a Rodgers 18x or even a 16x for your expired Dak. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Even with all of the drama of the playoffs, and the pending expiration of 99% of the boosts out there, its fun to play along with the contests, and if you are going to spend, this is the time to do it. Be forewarned, investing now does come with a price, as the big dogs will come – 50x is not far away. That doesnt mean you shouldnt go nuts, just be aware of what is going to happen.

Enjoy the rest of the games everyone!

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1 Response to What Value Do Eliminated Playoff Boosts Have?

  1. Adam Gott says:

    None! These ‘color variants’ took over Star Wars Card Trader and darn near ruined it. Last year’s playoff cards were so much better, probably more so than the regular series!

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