Unlocking Star Wars Potential: Is It Time To Be Bold and Go a Different Direction?

Of all the apps, Star Wars gets the most attention. It seems to have the largest user base, even with a year of downturn, and as more movies are released, it has the biggest potential to continue to be a flagship app for the brand.

The problem is, it remains a stagnant outline for everything the app has stood for since its launch. Outside of Smuggler’s Den, ne Card Exchange, we really havent seen anything come to Star Wars that changes the way we look at the app. If anything, the damage done over the course of 2016 hasnt really been undone, just refocused and remedied by extra attention to the things the community enjoys. There has been a shift back towards center, which was ABSOLUTELY necessary considering the state of the app prior to Rogue One’s release. That is a very good thing, and something that should get recognition.

That being said, Im not as confident that the app has a long term future anymore. Any of the apps for that matter, more as a function of innovation than anything. When this app first started we saw a huge runway for where things COULD go. However, without any real changes to the way Star Wars functions, that runway has become increasingly smaller by the day. Im not even sure the producers have control over this either, as it relies on product development more than any release or any set.

This issue begs the question of whether a complete reboot might be necessary at some point in the future, not just for Star Wars but for all the apps. I still dont understand why Star Wars is structured exactly like Bunt and Huddle, where the purpose of the app is completely different than what we get in SWCT. If the potential to really grow and get back to where we started is a continued focus, the current structure of the app’s function may need to change.

At the very core, I want to see the app focus on the things that make it great from a holistic perspective. Adapting the app to highlight things like hoarding, set collecting and other areas of the method users have somewhat “crowd-sourced” the way they engage. I also want to see custom work for the collecting apps that provide different action points of interest that are different inherently from the sports. Obviously continuity is a concern, but if you look at some of the other developers in the global app marketplace, they have found ways to make that work.

Topps has seemingly tried this before with Kick, albeit unsuccessfully, and it was more because it was a shift in what the game was all about. Instead of trying to bend the app to the desire of the existing user base, it seemingly went in a completely different direction. That’s not what I want here. I want to see specific features developed and introduced that facilitates a better user engagement process.

I also want to see more spotlight shone on the community and how the fan base has remained one of the most loyal of any available license there is to be had or bought. Finding ways to either let the community position themselves to be recognized, or organically creating recognition methods, will serve to change the dynamic. Similarly, we have already seen a large focus on getting back on track with limiting mistakes and delivering outstanding content. It isnt 100% there, but the difference has been palpable. Now that this is heading in the right direction, its time to add additional focus to these other items.

I was never in the bucket of people that was ready to walk away, I still find a ton of entertainment in SWCT, especially now that the open items are starting to fall into place. Hopefully with a renewed commitment to the way the app is delivered to the users, there will be changes in the way the functionality is adjusted as well.

Maybe others have some thoughts on this, and what they would like to see within the app.


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