What Sets Should Huddle Do for the Offseason?

Ahh yes. The time of the year where nothing is happening in football and the draft is still 2 months away. Then, after the draft, there is another few months until the rookie premiere. It all is a barren wasteland of football-less boredom, and Huddle needs to find a way to fill the void. Luckily, last offseason, in between events, the physical sets were there to save the day. Hopefully that happens in 2017 as well.

We already got the announcement today that Stadium Club will be making its football debut, which means there should be others to follow. Which physical sets are ripe for Huddle? Here are my thoughts.

Definitive Collection


This was the final physical premium set Topps did before losing its license, and it was a BEAST. Not only were the cards ornate and incredible looking, but the checklist was stacked with some of the craziest dual autos available. I could see this being amazing for a digital format, especially if the super premium nature of the set is upheld.

Topps Platinum


I loved the jumbo patch autos that Platinum was known for, and if they can capture the refractor color patterns and parallel structure correctly, this will be a great set to highlight the technology that Topps used for this set.

Topps Chrome


For whatever reason, I dont think Chrome has ever worked out in Huddle, and that is a HUGE disappointment for my favorite Topps set. Its pretty simple in the way its built, and the refractors and signatures are the reason it produced the most valuable physical card of the year. Superfractors finally made their way to Huddle around thanksgiving, and now we need the set that birthed them too.



At the end of the offseason last year, Topps Supreme was released as an afterthought, almost. I think it needs to be brought back, and it needs the attention it deserves. Since 2010, it has been one of Topps’ fan favorite products, and I would like to see it get another shot. The cards have always looked great, and with a digital friendly design, it could be even better. Great spot for booklets too!



In Bunt, the team found a way to make the shadowboxes work, and I think Corey could make these cards even better now that he has the opportunity to start from scratch. If there was a way to incorporate the Parallax effect that seems to be lost on the apps lately, it would be a great opportunity to get some quality and fun content into the app.

Museum Collection


Again, another set that hit the sheet as the offseason came to a close, and I think a fresh look at this set would be awesome. Framed autographs and jumbo patch autos would be really nice to see again, and hopefully the multisigned cards can be a focus as well.

As mentioned before, there are so many ways to incorporate the redesigned physical sets that worked so well with Inception this year. I would love to see a big focus as things play out leading up to the draft.

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1 Response to What Sets Should Huddle Do for the Offseason?

  1. DrugZone says:

    I liked Fire a lot last offseason, those designs worked pretty well on Digital, I think these looked even better than their physical counterparts.

    Nevertheless, sets were too massive last season (Fire plus multiple subsets, Museum plus subsets and Supreme plus subsets), all came sometimes in several waves. Considering the price tag, this was just too much for the small community on Huddle.

    I hope for a different strategy this year to avoid the hangover already after the first set. Additionally I hope that they’re less inflationary with ‘premium’ releases, just because Photoshop let’s you duplicate Signatures and Relics into a gazillion of variants, doesn’t mean you have to necessarily do it.
    They need to be more considerate especially on Huddle, there’s a fine line of releasing nice Digital Trading cards and JPEG’s of Football Players.

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