Product Development: Must Have Features Planning

Time is money, we all know that. Im also guessing there isnt unlimited supplies of each available in the Topps Digital offices, and therefore the team likely has to pick and choose which features to work on for the product development road map, and how to invest time within each project. Some features are probably easier than others to change, so here is a suggestion box of how I would do it.

Showcase for User Cards

Give people a way to show their favorite cards in a way that is visible. This has been advocated here for years, this cant wait any longer.

Redo the Fan Feed

Trading is awesome in the apps, but soliciting trades is a nightmare. I would update the fan feed to a static list of online users. Build a wizard in the app where users can adjust FT and LF to be brought up when someone engages with their profile. No more constant scroll of nonsense. Make it simple.

Redo News Feed

Instead of a running batch of articles, create a live group chat to replace article comments, and a news feed that is much more simplified and less about commenting. This way, the barrage of trade requests can be replaced with more group chat that everyone loves.

Create Live Messaging

User to user private communication is a nightmare. I want toggle notifications for incoming replies and messages, and a better way to communicate user to user without doing a same card trade.

Create Live Trading

I dont want to keep refreshing to see when new trade requests come in. I want toggle notifications and live updates to make trading more accessible.

Improve Contest Capabilities

I want user created contests, prize pools, and all sorts of changes that make it more easy to make the Topps apps social friendly. Give me the ability to challenge my group of friends and use my coins/cards as a way to fund that as prizes.

VIP Program in All Apps

No more of this crap where VIP isnt a part of Huddle, SWCT or some of the other apps. Its a pain in the ass to manage, but figure it out. Thats what interns are for.

Webinar Based New User Onboarding

Host a weekly webinar where new users can come on and learn from the team about different things. Trading, contests, general app stuff. Give stuff away so people go.

Update Trade Elements

I mentioned that live trading is on the must have list, but this takes it a step further. Im not sure why some sort of auction house hasnt been put into play, such as buying specific cards with user coins. At the very least, would like to be able to add coins to any trade.

User Rankings / Recognition

Contests in the sports apps are the only thing that showcases competition within the apps themselves. This needs to change as soon as possible. We should be able to have visibility into all sorts of user rankings, including things like cards owned, collection rankings, and whatever else there might be.

Update Collection Score

Right now, makes no sense. Its a nebulous number that should have bearing in reality with a simple formula that EVERY user can understand easily.

There are other features on the list, but if Topps is looking to improve our devotion to actually spending money on the apps, these are the things that need to be a priority. I dont need a new minigame in Bunt, I need this stuff.

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5 Responses to Product Development: Must Have Features Planning

  1. Rich says:

    I’m mostly on Star Wars, but some of your suggestions would be dead on.

    Like with the recognition, hoarding in the non-sports apps is huge. Have leaders for all base cards, showing who has the most (to alleviate strain on the database, have it update nightly instead of in real-time).

    The showcase is a must. The first screen you see for any person should be their prized cards, then it should show you by your sort.

    I don’t mind the fan feed, but being able to designate cards as “wanted” or “trading” would be a huge addition. Instead of blind trade screens bringing up random users, it could bring up the people looking to move a certain card or trade for a certain card.

    One more suggestion I would add…redo the friends section. It’s useless. There is no easy way to remove a large group of them at a time, leaving many people with bloated lists. Plus, there is no way to make a note, so you know why you have a person as a friend. Are they hoarding something in particular? A good crosstrader? Collecting a certain set you have extras of? Just somebody you think is reasonable? Without notes, there is no way to know why someone is a friend.

    • Rich says:

      One more I forgot…if you are going to have some type of a fan feed, it should be filterable by your ignore list. Really, what is the point of filtering out trades from certain people if we are still going to see their posts and send trades without realizing?

  2. iangarton says:


    I follow your blog quiet often and have to applaud your effort to keep us all updated. Is there a direct email encase I in future ever have any direct questions?



  3. Ian Garton says:

    I completely agree and currently in the process of raising funds to build that exact platform. I would love to here your thoughts in a private thread – Ian

  4. DrugZone says:

    Man that showcase is really overdue and that’s the only featue which could keep me engaged to continue collecting.
    It’s really a shame, as the design of the Topps Digiital cards is awesome, I would love to collect more, but my Card Sheet Dump has 40k+ cards in some of the apps and no possibilties to showcase.

    All other suggestions are also very valid, but one has to wonder if Topps is totally ignoring all user Feedback (Bunt 2017!) or if they really don’t have the capabilities to improve the apps.

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