Game Tip of the Day – 4/20

Using 1:1 messaging is a great way to test the waters for a trade before you make an offer. It can also save your user rating along the way.

If someone has a big card that you want to take a stab at, they may not be willing to trade it the way you want to offer. Although Topps is in the process of developing a “NOT FOR SALE” button that we can use to not allow trades on our cards, its not there yet.

A 1:1 message is a bit complicated, so here is how it works:

  • Find a card that both you and the seller have
  • Make a trade offer where you give that card and they receive that card
  • Offer the trade and go back to your trade screen overview with all your offers
  • Look for the new offer and click on the comment bubble on the right hand side of the offer
  • Type your message and wait for the seller to respond
  • New responses¬†will push the offer to the top of your list

Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 8.22.34 AM

This is also a great way to ask questions and communicate directly with other users in the game. Its a the only true messaging tool so use it wisely.



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