Game Tip of the Day – 4/21

Its going to be a big day today in the app, as its likely that the foam fingers will be delivered for weekly performances (COINS!), as well as the limited edition cards that come with them. If you havent played HUDDLE, these cards are given out to the fans that scored in the top 500.

Here is what they looked like in Football:

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 7.34.26 AM

Although these havent been given out before in BUNT, they are cards that lots of people will want. If you were lucky enough to break the top 500, you will now own a card that has some serious trade value.

My advice would be to judge quickly if you want the card or not. If not, its time to trade it away – and do so quickly. Most of the cards will be from the people who score 101-500, which means there will be at least 400 copies of it. You should be able to get a nice insert for it, or at least some nice SRs. Do not let it go cheap.

I got one each week during last HUDDLE season, and it started the trades that I eventually built for some Signatures. This is going to be awesome. You wanted to know why I said gameplay in the app was so important? This is why.

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