New Bunt Inserts Unwrapped – Special Edition

This is a big day for Bunt because of the new Best of Bunt cards delivered for the weekly rewards. They look awesome, and should be pretty valuable cards. Here is my take on the 5 that were released.

Best of Bunt – Josh Beckett GOLD


Print Run: 50
Collectability: Strong

In huddle, there were usually about 5 of these per week, but that may change. You never know the print runs until the next day, but its going to be TOUGH to get these gold cards if past experiences hold true. I love the look and think these should be pretty valuable without any packout involved. Sold out from day one with a low print run = $$$.

Best of Bunt – Johnny Cueto Orange


Print Run: 15
Collectability: Extreme
Playability: CaptureCaptureCapture

Another pitcher means bank for the people that scored in the top 5 to top 25. Again these cards are not ever going to be in packs, which makes collectors go nuts. Going to be AWFULLY tough to be one of those guys that has to have one of everything, especially with these floating around.

Best of Bunt – Lance Lynn Blue


Print Run: 25
Collectability: Strong
Playability: CaptureCaptureCapture

Lynn isn’t as cool as Cueto, but still nice as a pitcher. He is probably the least desirable in terms of playability of the pitchers in this week’s cards, but that’s the luck of the draw.

Best of Bunt – Martin Perez Purple


Print Run: 400
Collectability: Strong
Playability: CaptureCaptureCapture

The Rangers’ pitching staff is looking bonkers this year, and Perez had a great performance that got him the nod in this set. I don’t think he will be the most collectable in the grand scheme of these cards, but this is still a nice card to have.

Best of Bunt – Troy Tulowitzki Blue


Likely Print Run: 10
Collectability: Extreme
Playability: CaptureCapture

Funny that the entire top cards were pitchers except for Tulo. I would still be pretty happy with this card because it’s a bigger name, but Pitchers are the soup du jour. Either way, one of the better looking of the releases so far.

All of these will be worth a few inserts or SR golds, so don’t give them away for peanuts.

EDIT: Looks like I got most of the print runs wrong – Its hard to speculate and actually get them on the right run.

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3 Responses to New Bunt Inserts Unwrapped – Special Edition

  1. 7Swordmaster7 says:

    I got Cueto. Pretty sure Tulo’s card count is 10, Cueto is 15, Lynn is 25, Beckett is 50, and Perez is 400. These cards are ultra rare though, Tulo is the rarest card in the game counting out glitch Harper Sig and Leeobrien card.

  2. ppatton17 says:

    Hey SCU. My name is ppatton17. I was just wondering if you’d like help with the site. If you’d like to take me up on the offer, just HMU on Thanks!

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