Game Tip of the Day – 4/22

This is one of those games that requires attention multiple times a day in order to be among the top players. That doesnt mean you cant have fun playing once a day. Its just going to be impossible to compete at the top. The reason is that you have to be able to switch your guys in and out for at least each part of the day’s schedule to be successful.

The goal is to have your players in your lineup capable of scoring points at all time. If its 7pm and you have everyone from the day games in your starting 9, you are missing all those points from the night game. Because you are only limited by the play count that refreshes every few minutes, the rest of the switches are unlimited.

To take advantage of the way the best people in the game play, you have to watch the games as they are played. Most of the top players will switch out their players when their team is not active on the field, and put them back in when they ready to hit or pitch. It requires a watchful eye of the scoreboard, and also a very large collection.

For most of the highest scoring fans, they accumlate up to 9 of each player, colored border boosts preferred and use multiple cards at once. If Mike Trout is up with the bases loaded and none out, you can imagine they are switching in 9 Trout cards to potentially score the maximum amount of points a batter or two before. You almost have to speculate because of the 60 second warmup timer, and its possible you wont get them in on time.

As a result, this is why Pitchers are the most popular cards – they score for a full inning and can be switched out after 3 outs are recorded. However, if they get rocked, its a double edged sword – you wont be able to get them out in time.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to reach out.


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