Gameplay Tip of the Day – 5/8

There is a new update in town – so make sure you go to the app store and download it.

It comes with a new feature called “lock card” that prevents another user from offering a trade. It also activates a new “view locked cards” on the user’s card sheet from their profile, so you can see all the cards they have set aside. I think this is one of the better features added to the game in a while and here’s why.


Lets all be honest, trading has become a nightmare for people with nice cards. It doesnt help that a glitch would sometimes accept a trade from another in your offer queue when you clicked accept on a different one. It caused all sorts of problem, both from people who didnt know card value offering base cards for your sigs, or the scammers trying to get you to give cards you didnt mean to. All that is gone now, as long as you lock your best cards.

Dont go locking cards you would trade as a duplicate, because if you lock one of the cards, you lock them all. That is the only negative part of this, but easily something I can live with.


If you click on a user, click on “view profile” and then click the arrow next to their card stats. It will bring you to their sheet, where you can click the drop down at the top to see all their locked cards. It will give you an idea of what they hold dear, and maybe prevent some awkward trades.

Other Features

The trading screen has changed – all sorts have been defaulted to rarity which helps a lot. It also has taken a lot of the laggy type of trading window away from the top and made it all on separate screens. I think the interface is better, and if you click the little “I” on the top left corner, it will put indicators next to how many copies of each card you own. Its great.

More to come im sure, but this was a welcome improvement.

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2 Responses to Gameplay Tip of the Day – 5/8

  1. Chuck Maly says:

    The get free coins page does not work correctly on my iPad. It is off center down and to the right. It cannot be closed out and I have to ” dump” the app to return to using it. Can this be fixed? It’s very annoying.

  2. deltapi1049 says:

    I dont work for Topps, nor do I have any association with the product. Im just a fan like you. Sorry I cant help.

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