Gameplay Tip of the Day – 5/9

Yesterday, Topps announced the rewards in place for the VIP cards that were given out for April. This was done in Huddle Last year, but there were no physical manifestations like a card or something like that. For the football version, you had to buy at least the 100k or 250k coin bundle at one time to become a VIP, and you got special rewards for doing so. Nothing like this, but it was still cool.

Push Notifications For New Packs and Sales

This was never a big deal for me, especially because they always came late. In Bunt, I would actually say this could work against you, as its not really a good idea to buy packs BEFORE everyone else starts buying. You want to buy when everyone else is buying to help your odds.

Special Card Rewards

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 7.35.32 AM Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 7.35.45 AM

For the 3 people that hit diamond level, they get a 1/1 card for a player of their choice. THAT is awesome. I mean, like enough to make me want to buy in at that level. For the black rewards, they get a special 3x diamond boost, and gold will get a special gold SR. The card rewards are a great idea, and I have no issue saying that this program has just become that much more impressive. People in app were thinking its just a normal SR gold, but I have to believe its not. The cards in our profile are there for a reason, they should eventually have a player attached to them.

Promo Codes

For Black and Diamond level VIPs – they will receive promo codes to redeem for packs, which I assume will either be a few normal packs or a select few other packs special for those levels. Not bad at all.

How Do I Become a Rewards Member?

Topps hinted that it is in regards to the amount of money you spend in the app, but I think its more complicated than that. Because of the way it was done in Huddle, I have a feeling its more related to the level of bundle you buy. If you buy the bigger coin bundles, I am pretty certain you should qualify – 100K and above. That’s just my theory. Lots of people buy the 20K bundle, which adds up, but I dont think that’s the hook. Just a guess.

More as the rewards come through on the news feed.


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