Gameplay Tip of the Day – 4/11

A lot of new bunters out there always want to know about inserts. In fact, I would go as far as saying that without inserts, this game would only be half as popular. Any time you involve collecting into any circumstance, rarity and vanity are two things that every company should be well aware of when creating new programs. Topps has built a community around this concept.


Inserts rarely have any help in a game, minus a select few. Almost 95% of them score at 1x base scoring, and there is only one in the game so far that has permanent 3x scoring (David Wright). That says a lot about how important these cards are. If they dont provide any type of gameplay advantage, the rarity is really one of the only drivers of why people want them. Considering many people will give up many top gameplay cards to secure them, Inserts are almost counterproductive to playing the game well.



Collectors in any industry love to show off their goods. They want the best, the most, or the scarcest collection out there, and will stop at nothing to put it on display for the world. In previous versions of the game, you had a starting 9 that was visible to all users as your profile. It became almost like a showcase for your best cards during non-gameplay hours, and it has since been replaced by displaying “Locked Cards.”

Sigs are easily the most coveted cards in the game, and its not even a competition. It mirrors real life in a number of ways, as autograph cards are usually the real cards everyone wants. It becomes a status symbol, as you cant be seen as a vet user without at least one highly coveted sig in your collection. Until that point, you are just seen as another newbie player. Its funny how that works, because there are many players who dont care about them, and end up ranked very high at the end of each week. Pretty stark contrast, something that I love about this game.

The rarer the card, the more coveted it is, even more so if it is a pack pulled example. That’s just the way Bunt works, and I love every minute of it.

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