Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/25

We just got another round of Series 2 base cards released yesterday, and this begs the question of which of the players are worth chasing. There are a few really good players they put out, and here is my take.

Adam Wainwright – Latest Batch MVP


Of the new cards released, it should be no surprise that Waino is the guy everyone is going to chase. He has been a guy that has put up consistent points all year long, minus the short time he was injured. I would love to get some of his gold cards to play soon.

Justin Verlander


I still think there is a chance that Verlander will find his groove and become a playable pitcher again. He has had some REALLY bad outings this year, but we all know his history. I like that eventually he will come around, and he will definitely be valuable in the playoffs.

Billy Hamilton


When he is on base – start this card. Period. He literally steals bases every time he gets on, which pumps up his scoring to crazy levels.

Gregory Polanco


He will cool off – I promise you. That being said, its a cool card for Topps to release at this point. Polanco is at the peak of his popularity, and will likely get you some nice trade bait at the minimum.

George Springer


After a really hot start, Springer has cooled off like Polanco will. However, he is still a card that a lot of people want, so if you pull a gold, get some nice pitcher point cards in return.

We are going to get more guys besides the ones released recently, so keep your coins saved if you are waiting for them to show up.

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