SCAM ALERT – Bunt Scams To Watch Out For Version 2.0


Scam Alert – Version 1.0 HERE

Let me start off by saying that its clear that any time any object has value, some group of individuals will try to take advantage of a situation in obtaining it. Bunt is no different, as the cards have intrinsic value to them, and there are a growing base of scammers who want to take that value from you in a malicious fashion. Here are some of the scams to look out for, including a few I have to post again from last time.


A few of us asked that the Bunt team add some VOID wording to the VIP cards from April, and was surprised that they had already considered it. A few weeks ago the GIANT text was added, and yet, there are still users who think they can scam you into believing it is still active and will get you VIP benefits. IT WONT. The card is not active, however, and I am still shocked that people fail to see that it has no value.


Bottom line, do not believe this card will get you anything but a card. PLEASE REPORT ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU THIS CARD GETS YOU ACCESS TO VIP BENEFITS.

Im Quitting Bunt! Scam

I have seen this more and more as the months drag on, people posting in the trade forum that they are quitting, so trade for their cards. Best offer gets their account. Well, that isnt going to happen, as they are not going to give you anything. You will send them an offer, they will take it and walk away with your cards. If anyone says they are quitting bunt and still want nice cards, obviously something is amiss. Why would they want cards if they are quitting? Its a scam and should be reported.

Ill Send You a Real Autograph Scam

I have gotten this one twice over the last few weeks, which is REALLY odd. Basically, someone offers you a real autograph for a Bunt sig, and gives you some sort of story. There are a number of reasons why this is shady, if not only because Bunt sigs are only valuable to other people who play bunt. Here is what could happen – either you give them a sig and they walk away with your card, and never send you anything, they send you a crappy autograph that isnt worth anything in real life, or the auto they send you is fake (yes that is a huge problem in real life). Not only is this practice against the rules, but it will not net you anything other than a feeling of being ripped off. That’s what is going to happen. Report them.

Guys, I cant say this enough – the only person you can really trust in this game is yourself, so protect your collection. Most of you have put real money into this, and there is no reason to risk it on a get rich quick scheme like the ones I described above. Because trades are final, its easy to promise something and never deliver. That’s always the root of the scam. Never forget it.

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3 Responses to SCAM ALERT – Bunt Scams To Watch Out For Version 2.0

  1. AM says:

    One of the worst I’ve seen is putting your white Boost card in the middle of 8 white commons and trying to trick you that you are just moving a bunch of commons. I’ve had to lock my Rizzo because I get this scam several times each day.

  2. Andrew Mark says:

    How can I get the vip pack and how

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