Bunt Tip of the Day – How Does Kershaw’s Loss Affect Bunt Value?

Throughout most of the Bunt season, Kershaw was the guy everyone chased. His Black Boost, his sig, his golds, all traded above the price of some inserts. It was insane. Most of it stemmed from the fact that he was basically untouchable, and will likely win the Cy Young award. His point totals per card were like 3 other pitchers combined.

With the Dodgers losing to the Cardinals thanks to another Kershaw blown opportunity to shine, how does this hurt his offseason and more long term value for his Bunt cards? Funny that the biggest pitchers of the year save Adam Wainwright are all eliminated, with King Felix, Kershaw, Lester, and others all watching the championship series from their living rooms.

Basically, Bunt has shown that the focus on playoff cards are going to separate the regular season cards from the huge boosts of the post season. That’s understood. Similarly so, Kershaw’s LOW count sig at 250 is still going to be valuable through to next year and potentially beyond. Unlike last year where the collectors who came through from 2013 really had to compete with a bunch of new blood, there is likely going to be significantly more users who will be legacies in 2015. This could add more value to the existing cards, of which Kershaw should maintain his superhero status – rightfully so.

Let’s face it people, the 2014 sigs look really cool, and have a reason to maintain value going into 2015 regardless of playability. Although we could see vast improvements in the look and feel of the app, there will be hundreds of people that still have the thrill of opening the pack and pulling that super rare card.

Kershaw’s base will still trade above other base, just from reputation alone. Now that it has no potential to score further points, the value will drop just like every other player. What we will see is a mass exodus of casual players when the season ends, which could put a strain on the availability of cards they have until the next season starts and they come back. It serves as quite the situation to plan for, no doubt.

There is also no guarantee that 2014 WONT be playable in 2015, but we have to take historical precedent into consideration. With that in mind, Kershaw’s playoff performance may not factor in at all. One playoff meltdown does not degrade someone who is still the best pitcher in baseball.

Im interested to see how this turns out, because there are still some guys worth chasing that are left. How some may give up Kershaw to get those individuals will be quite intriguing.

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