Huddle Tip of the Day – Chasing Black Boosts

They are all the rage, and for good reason. The black boosts have come on strong like a hurricane of points, and I am salivating at the potential to score some major wins thanks to these cards. As a Bunt player, I have really had a huge attraction to chasing these cards because of what they represent in the sister app. Here in Huddle, its a bit different, but just as fun. Here is my take.

Top Black Boosts – Collectability

If you are a collector rather than a points player, here are the Black Boosts you are going to need to chase down first.

1. Calvin Johnson (100 copies)

Megatron is one of those cards that started it all, so its going to carry more value. Even though he is hurt, like the Trout Sig in Bunt, there is an aura around this card now that everything has switched to action shots.

2. Jordy Nelson (25 copies)

Because this card was only in packs for a day, there are very few of them on the market. Nelson is having a crazy good start to the year which makes it more attractive.

3. Jake Locker (30 copies)

Same situation as Nelson, but with a player that isnt on the same points value level. Locker is still a card to get.

4. Jamaal Charles (250 copies)

Now that the Chiefs offense seems to be coming around, and he is back from injury, this card is becoming more valuable by the day.

5. Mathew Stafford (255 copies)

I am putting this above Cobb and Jennings despite the fact that there are more of these. Cobb and Jennings just dont have the points potential that Stafford does, and his team’s performance combined with rarity has made this a tough get. Trust me, I have tried.

Top Black Boosts – Points Potential

If you are a points player that is looking to get an advantage, these are the ones I would be chasing.

1. Demarco Muray (500 copies)

Murray is an MVP candidate right now, which is great for the Cowboys and great for his card value. The only issue is that Garrett said he was going to reduce the workload, and he is playing Seattle this week. Neither should have a huge effect, but its worth mentioning.

2. Le’Veon Bell (500 copies)

I really like what Bell has done this year, although he hasnt had the TDs that Murray has, or a team that is winning like the Cowboys are. Both Murray and Bell have yet to play on Thursday night, which means these cards will help.

3. Peyton Manning (500 copies)

It should be no surprise that Manning is off to a hot start, as it is clockwork every single year. He has put up multiple TDs in just about every game, and plays regularly in the PM games that have only about 3-4 games playing at a time. Nice to be able to set him and forget him.

4. Arian Foster (500 copies)

Foster has had injury issues, but his card is playing Thursday night, and he is has had some top TD performances in the last two games. Im definitely chasing this one long term.

5. Russell Wilson

When I posted this article the first time around, I completely missed set one, including Wilson. The crazy thing is that his rushing attack is beyond valuable for a huddle card, as the yardage on the ground is worth much more points than the air.

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