Thursday Throwdown – Exclusive Sneak Peak at Tonight’s Boosts!

Tonight is going to be a great game, and just like last week, here is your exclusive sneak peak on the lineup of game only boosts! The twist tonight is that with all the 3x boosts coming out, all cards will be 5x! Nice.

Check back as more sneak peaks will be available throughout the season thanks to the huddle team!

Andrew Luck – Colts 5x

Could there not be a better matchup for a thursday game? Great QB against a great defense. Luck has been performing quite well against some top teams including the Ravens, so im interested to see how he shakes out. Even though he was just a BB, he is definitely worth chasing as a 5x.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Ahmad Bradshaw – Colts 5x

Bradshaw has only a BB as of right now and is the leading rusher on the team. He is a great candidate to get the nod for tonight’s roster of boosts, and I think he could do well as a change of pace from Richardson. Although Houston has a great reputation as a defense, they actually rank 24th against the run in the league. Interesting.

Verdict: Worth picking up

Arian Foster – Texans 5x

Despite injuries holding him back, he has put up the best numbers of anyone on the Houston Offense. Great potential to carve up Indy’s defense, which is giving up an average of over 4.5 yards per rushing play.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Texans 5x

With Hopkins already a permanent black boost, this is a good card to use, especially one who has no other cards in the game. Although his stats havent been amazing, he does have potential to score some points. Having this as a 2x until he gets a card is a good thing as well.

Verdict: Low priority

My Honorable Mentions:

DeAndre Hopkins – I understand a recent 3x boost makes it tough to give this to him, but he has had a nice start to the season. He is looking better by the week.

TY Hilton – Hilton is one of the more underrated WR in the game, but he either has a great game or is a ghost. Not enough people really know who he is.

Reggie Wayne – The elder statesman of the Colts has had a drop off for the last few years. Interesting to see if he can pick it up for the rest of the season.

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