Bunt Tip of the Day – ALCS and NLCS Primer

Cant believe the ALCS and NLCS are on the verge of starting. Its been quite the interesting journey already, but its also bittersweet knowing the baseball season is almost over. If you are playing for the championship in the post season, here are some of the top players to chase.

Adam Wainwright – SP – Cardinals

If you look back over Wainwright’s career in the playoffs, he has pitched quite well. His ERA of 3.13 is pretty impressive to go along with his 10.1 Ks per 9 innings during his 10 series. He is a great play knowing that his WHIP is a nice 1.097.  Pick a few of his cards up if you have the firepower to trade for them.

Chris Tillman – SP – Orioles

Although I am not surprised the Orioles were able to put it together, I was not expecting them to wipe up the Tigers like they did. Tillman has pitched great all year, and did well in his start against Detroit with 6Ks and 2ER. Of all the pitchers in the AL, he is the one to chase.

James Shields – SP – Royals

I was not expecting the Royals in the ALCS. Not at all. But they pulled it off despite their affinity for bunting. Yuck. Either way, Shields is big game James, and has managed to fend off disaster all year. He had a few bad starts, but overall was very solid. In his post season career, his ERA is close to 5 at 4.96 which is scary, but his first start was great with 6K and 2ER over 6 innings.

Madison Bumgarner – SP – Giants

During the year, MadBum was on the verge of the top tier of Bunt pitchers because of his K ratio and lower ERA. However, if things got rough early, he could give up some runs.  In 8 playoff series his ERA is a very low 2.96 with 8.4 k/9. Definitely a great piece to have for your team. In his 2 starts so far this PS, his ERA is below 3 with just 2 ER over 2 starts, including a CG against Pittsburgh. His WHIP is around .750, which is the best of any pitcher in the series.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Lance Lynn – Of all the pitchers that are a question mark, Lynn is the best. He can light it up for a 10k game or let it loose and give up a ton of runs.
  • Danny Duffy – A great start against the Angels puts him on the radar.
  • Wei Yin Chen – Chen is a good player to pick up because he can eat up innings, however he can also have a rocky start from the beginning as he did against Detroit.
  • Tim Hudson – Although he doesnt give up many runs, he can give up A LOT of hits and walks which will kill your point totals.
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