Purple Boost Release – Too Much Too Soon?

Personally, I have been having a blast with the black boost releases, because it was easy to understand, and it was easy to participate. 5000 coins wasnt a big amount more than normal packs, and it was something that was churning out very playable cards. There were users who didnt like that the points chase was turning into Black Boosts vs the world, but I wasnt among those users.

With the additional release of a PURPLE boost, which will score at 3.5x instead of the normal 3.0x that the black boosts are getting. This comes with no reduction in card count, thus causing some major availability issues and a sign that things are getting a bit too much. Its one thing to add one additional layer to every player’s point total, but to completely nerf that with a readily available new 3.5 layer negates the chase on all the 3.0x cards as long as the release continues.

I felt bad for the free to play players as it was, but with the BB flooding the market, they could snag a few with some well positioned trade offers to the right people. Now that there is an ADDITIONAL level on top of that, all while we are still cycling through the first additional layer, things are getting confusing and hard to understand.

One may ask why this is a well they are continuing to go to, and I am starting to wonder the same thing. Im actually not at all pissed that there is a 3.5x boost out there, just that it is A) the same card count as the black boosts, and B) happening simultaneously as the black boosts, and C) adding confusion to the game all around. The reasoning is likely that the BB are finally generating the type of revenue that is needed for the game, so why not take it a step further? There is an economic law of supply vs demand, and we were already starting to see that the BB were losing luster as more and more were released. This is going to hurt more than it helps.

Since I know that there are a lot of people that read this site that have influence within the creation of new cards, I want to urge you to reconsider this initiative, or at least restructure it. Its just too much too soon, and you are going to kill the golden goose. Dont make that mistake, as there are already enough users that have legitimate concerns over the direction of the game. Im far from that point right now, but this is not making me warm and fuzzy inside considering all the money and time I have spend chasing the black boosts.

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4 Responses to Purple Boost Release – Too Much Too Soon?

  1. Matt says:

    I think they made it clear the direction they were headed in the first thursday throw down, by the end of the year there will be 10x fire boosts of all players. Right now the award 5x are the best you can do but that will soon be eclipsed. I agree purple is excessive.

  2. Tripmode says:

    I don’t mind this at all. It’s their job to create cards that we want. The only thing people want are BB and sigs. Because they are only allowed to use mugshot for legal reasons, all the other insert series seem kinda dull because it’s just the same card with a different background or border. BB and PB cards at least offer potential in scoring points.

  3. Pete Italia says:

    I was thrilled with BB’s at first but they became too much too soon, every time I completed a series another one would come out…and another and another.

    The Purples destroyed my investment in BB’s and now I am reluctant to spend another $ if things keep going at this rate. I am buying cards that are practically obsolete by weeks end, BB’s are pretty much the new Gold’s. I understand the business aspect of course they want to make $ but now I am starting to feel like they are expecting me to waste mine without giving me time to enjoy my current investment.

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