A Special World Series Contest from Digital Card Central and BHK!

For the World Series, BuntHuddleKick.com and Digital Card Central are teaming up for a very special contest! All you have to do is check back here daily and join up with BHK to win!

Here is how it will work:

Every day, a “WINNING WORD” will be posted at the bottom of one of the articles for the day. Find the word, and keep track for the next seven days. At the end of the seven days – send a private message to Tim28 on BHK forum with each word and the day it was used.

From the people who can list all seven words correctly, special prizes will be given out, including a rare Jackie Robinson Anniversary reward card from Bunt! Lots of ways to win!

Stay tuned to @_Buntmania and @SCUncensored on Twitter for complete coverage and potential surprises!

NOTE: To win, you must have a Topps Bunt account and be a member of BHK forum! Sign up at www.bunthuddlekick.com.

WINNING WORD 1: Signature

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