Huddle Tip of the Day – Ultra Limited Cards Bring About a New Chase

Based on recent releases of new sets, we are apparently entering a new age of non-boost inserts, one that I am very interested in. This new era is one of limited releases and higher boosts up to 5x and beyond, which is long overdue.

With the growing amount of player boost cards, the inserts were no longer the chase that people actually wanted to partake in. With new boost levels for inserts, that will be a nice change. The boost levels will likely increase further as we get closer to the playoffs, as they did in bunt, but this creates a new chase until then.

As for the growing rarity of many of the cards, its likely that there will be people out there who will never like ultra limited cards. I am not one of those people. I love chasing down the tough cards, and the fact that they exist gives a new type of challenge to work through. The release of inserts like the Rodgers and Lynch with higher boosts creates some huge trade value in those cards, and its clear that the blue signature series is something that is generating similar feelings of need.

When you break down that these ultra limited cards have A) no bearing on any set and B) are just there for a cool experience of getting them, I see no issue. The Luck blue sig out of 12 will likely be the top card in the game for some time, and that is no joke. However, because it does not negate the set chase, it hurts no one. Samething goes for the triple sig, whose 100 copies are very limited and makes it a tough pull. But, its just a standalone card which brings more balance to the argument of whether or not these types of cards should exist.

Eventually, the final sigs in the set will drop in availability, there is no doubt about that. The season long chase will be in jeopardy for some at that point, but others will take it as something they need to have in place to keep things fresh. I am one of those people, even though I am going to potentially lose all my hair due to the stress of chasing down these cards.

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