Huddle Tip of the Day – Black Friday Marathon Part Two!

I had a ton of fun over the course of thanksgiving, very similar to the All Star game in Bunt where the game had a ton of releases and everyone was excited to see the next card put out.

The Marathon on Black Friday was also a really cool idea, as it introduced a new way of releasing cards on a timer. With the packs only 2500 coins, it enabled us to open a ton of them while we tried to get each of the cards. I dont think the program would have been as successful with expensive packs and the odds where they were.

We are in for round two today, and although we havent quite seen the cards yet, Im sure it will be just as crazy a chase. The Parallax sig of Phillip Rivers at 6x is already trading at epic levels, and even the Forsett is commanding some major value as well. Im sure we are going to get at least one more humongous card, and I cant wait to see what it is.

Suriving the Timer

Here is what I did, and I ended up with 2 Forsett Chrome cards and 1 Justin Houston Vintage. Basically, target the cards you want over the course of the day and wait until the first 1o minutes it is in packs, overlapping with the previously released card.

From my experience, the set chasers will open their packs in that window, and you want to be in the wave of people opening at that same time. As the collectors get their cards, there will be less people opening, thus making you open more packs to get the card of your choice.

The cards in the super rare part of the card sheets will be EXTREMELY tough pulls, so be prepared to open a ton to get them. Just be aware. There were only 12 Rivers sigs pulled, and 9 Antonio Brown die cuts.

Series for Today – Guesses

If I were doing the Marathon today, I would probably pick some of the following sets to include in the chase.

  • Topps Finest
  • Takedown
  • Triple Signature
  • Street
  • Mint
  • Strata
  • Anniversary
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1 Response to Huddle Tip of the Day – Black Friday Marathon Part Two!

  1. Epic chase. Probably the most fun I’ve had in any of the 3 apps so far. Stressful Monday but also very exciting. Sad that the award was a Brady sig (as a huge Charger fan) but I’ll take it! Only Tripmode and myself completed the marathon – which btw, I’m pretty sure was harder to do that run a real marathon! LOL

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