Huddle Tip of the Day – Are Mint Boosts Worth the Chase?

Let me start off this article by saying that I love ultra limited cards (which I have said many times), and the Mint boosts have turned into quite the hot topic over the last few weeks as they have hit the card sheet. The question that people have focuses on the cost of the chase vs the reward of obtaining them. Obviously, I have a few thoughts.

Collection Value

Mint boosts are extremely valuable because of what they represent. They showcase that the person who has them was either A) extremely lucky in pulling them and/or B) has a lot of resources in which to obtain them. This is a POWERFUL formula to attract a lot of interested parties, in the same way bottle service in a club is attractive – functionally not all that important, but great in showing that you are a VIP.

Bottom line, having a Mint boost in your collection is a statement, and with only 10 per card available average, a team collection isnt complete without them. With so many set collectors out there chasing them, this puts you in a certain league.

Now, its very clear that there are not enough of many of these cards to go around. At any given time, there might only be one unlocked that is actually for trade. That creates an extreme demand among the team collectors and set collectors who still need that card.

Overall Value

In terms of value, Mint boosts almost depend entirely on the player and the team, since 3x isnt that big of a deal any more. I have traded my fair share of mints, four at last count, and each time have gotten a bunch of nice stuff in return. My best return was easily Manning, where I was able to get another mint, plus three LOW sigs with Lynch included. I have pulled all four myself, and it is a huge feeling of awesomeness when you do. Be warned, it costs a lot of money.

Points Value

This is where things get a bit complicated, as I mentioned above. These cards at 3x have very little value in terms of points play, as so many of the players are cream of the crop. Guys like Demarco Murray have a mint at 3x, but also as many as 500 other cards 5x or more. Mints were meant to be a collection piece, not a points play piece.

Although I wish the Mint cards looked a bit different from the normal base and boosts, I still think they are definitely worth chasing down if you have the means. Low count cards in this game are always in demand, and these are some of the lowest there are.

Here is a checklist if you would like to see all the cards that have been released so far:

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