Huddle Tip of the Day – Playoff Time is Here, Get Ready!

Well, the regular season is over, and that means that many of the cards you have in your collection are no longer playable. Although there are many reasons not to go dumping all of them quite yet, there are similar reason to make some serious trades in the meantime.

Looking Ahead

First off, let me start that it is highly unlikely that 2014 cards will be playable in 2015. This means that it is in your best interest to maximize the cards you have. If you can find someone who will trade you playoff bound cards for cards that are no longer playable, there are two things to consider.

The first of these things is very important – set building. Many of the rare insert cards have season long chases tied to them, and that means the cards will maintain value until those awards are paid out.

The second is rarity of the card, especially for cards that are below 100 count. Rarity still drives value, and with people who are team and player collectors out there, the demand can be there for cards that will no longer score.

Yesterday afternoon, Huddle announced the playoff format, which will include the top 32 users in season long leaderboard scoring and the 32 team champions for the year. If you are outside of this format, dont fret, as I am sure there will be a lot of reason to remain active in the points chase. Things like Throwdowns and other playoff fun are destined to be in place, and that gives you reason to keep playing.

Trading for Boosts

Non-playoff boosts are rough, especially if they are high scoring and low rarity that you gave up a lot to get. But, that personal attachment should not be holding you back from getting rid of them.

If you have non-playoff cards that have not yet paid out in their rewards, you are approaching your last opportunity to maintain value in their demand. Keep that in mind as you are looking to pick up some boosts.

Also keep in mind that we have YET to see what the playoff cards look like, both in terms of boosts and in terms of roster. There is a high probability that playoff cards will be insanely high boosted cards, and that could impact the value of the other cards that are currently available.

Its almost in your best interest to wait to see what happens over the next few days as we approach the wild card round.

High Value Inserts

Sigs, Editor’s choice, Golden Moments and other high value inserts should remain pretty valuable as mentioned above. Many people are still looking to complete sets and solidify lineups, and sigs are going to be a very big part of that.

Sets like the 12 days of Huddle have yet to pay out, which means that those cards will still be valuable until after that reward happens. Its not worth it to dump your sigs without getting something of nice value back.

Playoff Time is High Noon

When the season is over like it is, players start coming out of the woodwork to compete. If you remember last year, there were so many people playing along for the post season that the servers crashed for the beginning part of each game. For the people who are in the main matches, you know they will be gunning for the bigger cards. Dont hesitate to cash in if they make some big offers, but dont mistake need for generosity. Just a word of advice in that respect, as you should not try to take advantage of these situations. There are a lot of players out there that will have no issue accepting the windfall without a peep.

I am sad that the regular season is over, especially because my team is out of it. But this is the most wonderful time of year for a huddle fan. Releases will be nuts, and things are going to get crazy. Be prepared!

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1 Response to Huddle Tip of the Day – Playoff Time is Here, Get Ready!

  1. tke96 says:

    I love the fact I made the playoffs….ranked 148 overall but 2nd on a team where the number one is in the top 32. I hate the fact to know there is NO chance of me moving forward.

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