Gridiron Unwrapped – Conference Championship VIP Reward Card Edition

With the season wrapping up, there are a lot of new cards flying around to capitalize on the last part of the playable game year. After yesterday there is only one game left, and Huddle is working overtime to help players get one last taste of the action. They are doing it in style none-the-less.

With Holiday VIP program taking hold, there was extra reason to spend the money to get each status, as two cards per level were distributed instead of just one. The Gold had two valor cards, one being a sig, Black had 2 Camo cards including one sig. As for the Diamonds, they got their own taste of awesomeness with 1/1 sigs and the normal Diamond 1/1. Here is a breakdown of the readily available cards.

Gold VIP – Earl Thomas Valor Series


Count: 369
Cool Factor: Leonidas Battle Ready
Play Value: MEDIUM
Boost: 10x

I love the Valor cards, as the design transfers from physical football cards better than any of the other series we have seen. Its crazy to think that Thomas has gone this long without cards, but with this batch, we see he is finally getting the attention he deserves. This is a great addition to the series, as the Legion of Boom is Valor material every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

Gold VIP – Eddie Lacy Valor Sig


Count: 369
Cool Factor: Tonight We Dine in Hell!
Play Value: HIGH
Boost: 10x

I dont think anyone expected Lacy to have the level of success he did against the daunting Seahawks rush defense. He put up some numbers none-the-less, and this card made that very easy to capitalize on. As I said with Thomas, the Valor series looks good, but adding a Lacy sig is just the icing on the cake. It works so well, and I think the design team really liked having a card that looked good without much work. My only objection is how many of his sigs have been released over the last few weeks, as this will be number 3 with the playoff sig, sig reward (weeks 11-17), and the Valor. I would have liked Legarrette Blount to maybe get a shot.

Black VIP – Aaron Rodgers Black Camo Boost


Count: 69
Cool Factor: Blackhawk Helicopter
Play Value: EXTREME
Boost: 15x

This is a big card. A very big card. To have it for the game yesterday was really nice, even though Rodgers struggled to maintain his production from previous weeks. Even as a collection piece it still holds up long term because of Rodgers’ popularity, which makes it less of a bummer that the Packers couldnt get it done. It IS a bit confusing that this card looks so similar to the other camo boosts, but I dont think anyone really is complaining. When you view both Rodgers camo side by side, you can see the black tint applied. Too bad only one of these cards will be available for the Big Game, but it is what it is.

Black VIP – Russell Wilson Red Camo Boost Sig


Count: 69
Cool Factor: F18 Raptor Jet
Play Value: ????
Boost: 15x

With the way Wilson played yesterday, he deserves a -15x boost, as it was seriously one of the worst first halves I have ever seen played by a QB in a championship game. Somehow, the Seahawks pulled it out by the skin of their teeth, and Wilson seemed to get back to his old self. This card is going to be a beast come Super Bowl, but we just dont know which Wilson is going to show up. The red camo looks like Fire, which is beyond awesome, and to make it a sig puts this among the cooler cards in the game.

NOTE: I find it amazing how much value has shifted on these boost sigs. Last year’s boost sigs couldnt be given away. This year’s boost sigs are coveted. A testament to the cool factor of these cards.

VIP Signature Series – Earl Thomas


Count: 30
Cool Factor: Mont Blanc
Play Value: MEDIUM
Boost: 15x

Like I said, its crazy that Earl Thomas had so few cards leading up to this one. That being said, this is really cool to see him get the signature treatment. I would have liked to see another big offensive name instead, but that’s the points player in me. The collector in me is perfectly fine with this selection, as there are a lot of Seattle fans that would love to have this one at such a rare clip. Considering that sigs are more about the collection, Im all about this.

VIP Conference Championship Edition – Bobby Wagner


Count: 462
Cool Factor: Trophy Case Material
Play Value: MEDIUM
Boost: 15x

Its a crime that Bobby Wagner had to wait this long to get a card in Huddle, because he is one of the main reasons that the Seahawks made it as far as they did. Using the conference championship design for a special VIP card was a great idea, and with odds at 1:10 packs for Black VIP, this card was worth pulling pack after pack for. I think that Wagner is going to be featured much more often now that this card is available, which makes this release that much more important.

For more information about what VIP is all about – check out the section in the newbie tips from the top menu.

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