Force Tip of the Day: What Inserts / Cards Are Worth Chasing?

We are now through our first week on the new Star Wars Card Trader, and with it, a number of awesome card releases as I posted about yesterday. I have gotten a lot of questions about the value of certain cards in the game, and how much I have had to give up in each case. There are two classes of cards, and both have their pros and cons.

Rare Base

The first class of cards that I have seen is the rare base. This group contains the gold, purple and now orange parallels of the base cards, some of which are very valuable. There is also an argument that can be made towards how valuable the new yellow cards are worth, as they can be expensive the day of release.

Here are the obvious rankings:

1. Orange Base – So far, only one has been released in Qui Gon Jinn. With so few of them in circulation, you will have to give up a ton. Because so little is know about future availability, I would hold off chasing until more is revealed. Jinn isnt exactly the most popular of the Jedi, despite Liam Niesson’s VERY specific set of skills, and I would guess more popular characters are on the way.

2. Purple Base – When collecting the 3 daily yellows, plus the golds, you will get a purple as a reward. Because only a few people can manage to get all four cards in the 24 hour window provided, the purples are very rare.

3. Gold Base – This is where things get interesting. Gold base are only available in 1 pack (Darth Vader), and you have to make a purchase to get access. On top of that, they are only 1% pulls, and may be valuable as part of multiple scenes at once. The issue is that once available, they are not sold out, so the card counts will continue to climb. Right now, popular characters are trading for low tier inserts, but that could change.


As of right now, the inserts are divided into categories as well. The first group is the set based inserts (sometimes released in 3-4 different rarities at once), and the second is the group of weekly inserts that will have new cards each week. These weekly sets are SW Vintage, Topps Choice, Connections, Galactic Moments, and the like. The last group are the single inserts that have a shared concept, like the Greedo Bounty card that was released yesterday.

Here is how I would rank them right now:

1a. Connections – Cool concept and cool looking card. The first one was 1000 copies, which is rare by this standards.

1b. Vintage – Han is still highly sought after at 1500 copies

3. Widevision

4. Topps’ Choice

5. Galactic Moments

Another thing to keep in mind is that each of the weekly inserts has a collection reward for collecting the run of the set. That means that even high count versions of each of the cards may still carry more value just to get the set reward.

As for the set cards, the rarer versions are close to impossible to get. When you see that some of them only have like 50 copies, there might not be any available card in the game that one could trade. I have seen some nice cross app trading go down, but that is at your own risk. Think about what someone would have to give up for the 50 count Maul Nightbrothers or a similar card.

Overall, I have traded Hoth type set cards of the lower versions for golds, and I have traded golds for some of the higher parallels in the other sets too. As the cards age, the value will drop, so dont think you could get shut out for your whole career on the app. With a ton of people busting the Vader pack each day to get the daily bonus, you know the card counts on the golds will eventually top any insert available.

At the same time, we really know so little at this point that you almost have to take it day by day. Keep in mind that the apps change considerably over time, which means something valuable today may be more valuable tomorrow or vice versa.

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