Force Tip of the Day: Importance of Character Value

The one thing that always drew me to Star Wars as a kid had a lot to do with what every child aspires to be – someone with awesome powers. Superheroes have become a part of a kid’s upbringing for years, and Star Wars is a version of that fantasy. However, thanks to some very complex characters and story lines, the popularity has grown beyond just the movies.

With SWCT the trading market will function on some very easy to understand principles, which include rarity and reward value (sets, credits, etc). Aside from those, one of the more volatile parts of the economy has to do with the popularity of the character, which can exponentially increase value for an already valuable card.

Right now, there is still a vacuum in content creation, stemming from the early stages of the app combined with the amount of huge demand for top cards. As a result, character basis can really have a huge impact on the value of a rare card, especially if that character is Sith related. Its been no secret that fans often gravitate towards the dark side, as the characters were always full of different layers. Where the Jedi were the boy scouts of the universe, the Sith were conflicted. This makes for a more interesting dichotomy between the groups. Because this article is not about why bad guys are popular in movies, I digress.

This means that a Darth Maul high value card will likely carry more weight than one of the minor soliders. Same thing goes for Boba Fett, Han Solo, and other fan favorite characters that have an attachment to the nostalgia of the movie series. That doesnt mean that a Cantina based scene collection isnt cool, or is worthless, just that more popular characters get more love in certain situations.

This may seem pretty obvious, but you would be surprised. Topps is going to have a very tall task of writing out checklists with character popularity in mind. It goes all the way down to trading base at some points, as its clear that someone may be less inclined to give up a dupe of Yoda vs a dupe of Grand Moff Tarkin. This can lead to some major rifts in what the users think is a cool card, vs how a character fits into an overall plan for the content of the game.

Im sure we will find out more as the game progresses. So far they have done a very nice job keeping things diverse.

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