Force Tip of the Day – Collection Score Discussion and New Rankings

Yesterday brought a bit of a surprise, as we saw the gameplay element come to a bit of a revelation for Star Wars Card Trader. Basically, because there is no fantasy sports element available for Star Wars, Topps is using your collection score as a way to rank the top collectors in the game.

Like we saw in the other sports games, the top ranked users get a special card for their collection, this time being a Han Solo base parallel that was picked by the top guy. Since the article was published, I started getting a lot of questions on twitter about how collection score is determined. Ill do my best to break down what we know.


Starting with 2014 Bunt, users started being able to see what the team affectionately called “Collection Score” pertaining to ranking users collection against that of the whole. The scores ranged from 0.00 to 100.0, and was based on how complete and how powerful your collection would be against a user with different completeness of their own collection. Certain things factored into the score, including quantity of cards possessed, quality of cards possessed, and percentage of cards collected from the main sheet.

Each card you owned represented a small fraction of your collection score, and it gave a great indicator of recognizing who’s collection was the best in the game.

Transition to SWCT

With the release of the new app, one that is 100% collection based, the “FORCE SCORE” is the Star Wars version of the collection score from bunt. Only this time, as mentioned above, its being used as both the game play and the bragging rights.

Improving Collection Score Part 1 – Quantity

Right now, there are only certain base cards that are available in the game. Because not all cards are released yet, no one can have the 100% complete score on their main page. At the same time, having huge quantities of cards from the base set will improve your collection score to a point. Although we dont know how much one card is worth, there is likely a part of your score that is derived from how much of the available set you have completed.

Use the fan feed and blind trades from the main card sheet to acquire as many base as you can, and trade your dupes for ones you need. Not only will this give you awards for completing the sets, but your score should be well above 50 at that point.

Part 2 – Quality

As we saw in Bunt, Huddle and Kick, owning higher quality cards will get you a higher score. It will also improve the part of your score tied to completeness, so its two fold. Because so little content is available at the moment, inserts and other rare cards can give you a bigger boost than they might in the past. The Episode 7 set did wonders at first, because it was the only insert set available. Now, its one of a bunch more, so the cards arent worth as much to your score.

If you want to move up in the rankings, you will likely need to acquire a good deal of these inserts, and that should not come as surprise. Trying to get one of each cards is not a goal to chase at this point, but determining which cards improve your score the most will help you know which to chase. From what I can tell, it looks like the cards 1000 and below will be your best bet.

Part 3 – Completeness

This is where things get a bit complicated, as right now, not all cards are realistically able to be traded for. For the rarer cards, many are on lockdown, and wont be easy to get without massive firepower.

Secondly, its going to be very tough to be ranked in the top 25 without spending real money. You can trade and trade and trade, but without buying in, there will always be people who are spending and can get more of the set done.

I have spent 50-75 dollars on the game since release, and have a collection score about 77. If I wanted to spend the time cross trading between Huddle and Bunt, I could easily supplement my spending with people who were more interested in Bunt than SWCT.

From what I can tell, the people in the top 25 have completed most of the scene collections, have at least 10-20 inserts, and 5-7 gold cards. With all of that comes the purple cards, which many of them have a few of.

Part 4 – Changing Scores

Remember, your score is based as much on other users as it is your cards, so as more cards are released and more people pick them up, your score could change significantly. Obviously, you have to check back and get going with new inserts as much as possible, as you dont want to miss out on cards that all the other users have picked up, but you did not. If you cant pull it from packs, trading is your best bet.

Let me stress that everything in this article is a generalization because there is no set guide to the collection score available in game. In all honesty, because the score is based on user by user averages and stuff like that (from what it looks like), that might not be possible.

Keep on your toes and watch your score like a hawk.

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