Opening Night Contest Primer – Breaking Down Cubs vs Cardinals

Like I did for Topps Huddle, I want to give everyone a good idea of what players are worth your time to put in your deck, and which ones might be left behind for a reason. There are some guys that could easily make or break your deck, so your choices need to be spot on to win. Here is a breakdown.

SP – Adam Wainwright, Cardinals


Out with an abdominal strain for most of the spring, Waino finally got some work in over the last few weeks. He should be ready, but its hard to expect he is going to be at 100%. With the Cubs lineup improved thanks to some new faces, plus some of the younger guys coming back for another year in the bigs, this is going to be a test. Regardless, Waino is a SOLID play, and you should have all his cards ready as much as possible.


1B – Anthony Rizzo, Cardinals


As a game boost, there will be a lot of people that will be counting on Rizzo to have a great game. Lucky for us, he has a career .333 average vs him, and that should play well. I would expect that we will likely get a hit or two from Rizzo tonight, although he is definitely a strkeout risk as well. Of all the guys for the cubs in the game, Rizzo is likely the best play.


C – Yadier Molina, Cardinals


Emerging as one of the top catchers over the last few years, Molina is a key piece to the Cardinals being as consistent as they have been. He had a bit of a down 2014, putting up stats that most teams would kill for in that position anyways. Yadi never strikes out, and that is a big deal in Bunt. This is about as safe a play as there is, but the reward may not be huge with power numbers lower than the other game boost in Rizzo.


SS – Starlin Castro, Cubs

Over the last few years, Castro has been up and down, but has been a solid infielder for the Cubs. He has some complimentary hitting numbers hitting over .275 and having relatively low K/AB numbers. I would say that because there are so few cards in circulation right now, Castro is worth the play.


SS Jhonny Peralta, Cardinals

Its interesting, because Peralta is one of those guys that just finds a way to stay relevant no matter the situation. He had a good spring, batting over 300, and knocking in a few runs. For lack of other options, he might be worth a spot play here and there, especially with runners on base.


1B – Mark Reynolds, Cardinals

Over the spring, he struck out a lot, and hit well below the Mendoza line. I know he is available, and he has cards, but that does not make him worth a play unless its bases loaded and none out. Just be careful.


OF – Jorge Soler, Cubs

As part of the barrage of top prospects in the Cubs system right now, Soler is primed for a ROY run. This spring was a good one for him, and I expect that he will play well tonight. I would definitely pick up a few of his cards if you can, as he is a guy that can hit for power and average.


Tonight is the big night, ladies and gents! Its time to play some baseball, and for the next six months, Bunt is going to be rocking. Lets play two, right?

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