Huddle High Five: 5 Sets I would Love To See

Since the beginning of the offseason, I think Huddle has honestly done some of the best work the app has ever seen. It may even be some of the better work ANY of the apps have ever seen. Its clear that the design team and product team for the app are at the top of their game.

Because they are in the process of working through a few new ideas, I figured it was time to throw in some of my own. Obviously they are limited by the head shots they are required to use, but this is where a great design team because more valuable than ever.

Nickname Series

Football has some of the best nicknames that exist in any sport. Beast Mode, the Gronk, All Day, its all there. I think its time to celebrate some of those nicknames by using them in a set.

1985 Topps Football

With the recent release of 1970s gamenight series, which I love, I think it opens the door for other iconic designs to be used.


The 1985 Football design is one of my favorites, and I was excited when they used it in Bunt of all places. Time to bring it to Huddle!

High Motor Series

Think of all those guys out there who are known for never giving up on a play, regardless of the situation. Those guys that are out there that are always playing in 5th gear. This set is for them. The guys like Clay Matthews, JJ Watt and company come to mind, always being ready to play.

1957 Topps Football

Back when Johnny Unitas was a rookie, there were no action shots that showed uniform logos or helmet logos in the way that they do now.


Why not use that situation to your advantage? Its an iconic design, and its one that everyone can appreciate.

NFL Draft Series

I would love to see a card set where the top guys in previous years of the draft have releases that are numbered to the overall pick that they were drafted. I know a lot of people would love to have a 1/1 Cam Newton, or Tom Brady to 199. A lot of opportunity for some really rare cards there.

Again, I love what Huddle has done, and I think they are on a REALLY good track as of late. Its always fun to experiment, and the offseason is the perfect venue.

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