Bunt Tip of the Day: Choosing Your Contest Level

If you havent had the chance to go in and tool around in the contests part of Bunt, I really suggest you try it out. Not only is it fun and interesting, but it can be free as well. There are some nice prizes available, and its replacement of the weekly leaderboard is welcome. For someone like me, who doesnt have the time to sit in front of MLB.com all day to compete, this lets me do it my way.

Being that there are different contests available, with more likely on the way, there are many ways to play along. Right now, there are three daily levels, and I have gotten some questions on which ones to choose. Here is a breakdown.

All Star – 7.5k to 10k entry

Here is the thing. If you are going to pay to play in this league, you need to ensure that you have the firepower to do some damage. This means your collection should have some nice gold cards, some elite blue cards and all sorts of red, green and white cards. As the season goes on, this will change, as many people are still trying to build up their lineup.  Eventually, you may not be able to get to the money spots without quite a few gold and blue cards to play.

The prizes are lucrative for your investment, with a mystery pack of cards for the winner, and a very attractive coin bonus of almost 40k for 2-5. Finishing 6-10 gets you over 20k, so that isnt bad either. Just be prepped to play. Dont go in with a terrible collection and expect to finish high. Also, expect to watch or follow along with every game, and make switches with every play that scores in Bunt. Right now, they are splitting games by time of day, so you wont have to be in play for the whole day. It also adds a new opportunity to win close to 80k coins if you can win both contests.

Pro – 2.5k entry

This league is less lucrative than the all star league and you wont need as much to really compete as you would among the game’s best contest players in the other. Prizes are diminished as well, with less coins and a lower pack for the champions.

If you are going into this league, go in with some nice blues, a good amount of elite reds, including at least 1-2 of the day’s starting pitchers, a lot of nice green cards, and more whites to boot. You will have to pay attention to win, but to finish higher, you may not need to be on top of every switch. Because the league wont have as many top players, its possible that not everyone will have the cards to switch in at this point. Missing a few plays wont damage your potential like it would in All Star.

Rookie – Free entry

To be completely honest, Rookie is a complete wild card. Because anyone can play for free, it brings all sorts of people to the game. Top collectors can just set their lineup and forget it, and they could outduel some rookie players with 9 golds of elite players.

At the same time, you only are battling against 100 people at a time, so you could get a nice draw and not have many top players in your group. Its worth a shot to play even if you cant be around the whole time. You never know, and you could walk away with enough coins to get a free entry into the pro league.

For your lineup, play what you can, with a focus on your elite players. Pitchers will be an easier position to follow along, but its all about who you have. Before you have enough cards to play, I would suggest against buying into a league, and using your daily bonus to buy packs. After you have built up a collection – then it might be wiser to pay the entry fee.



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1 Response to Bunt Tip of the Day: Choosing Your Contest Level

  1. Lanser says:

    I have played a few all star contest now and overall it is fun to compete with other point players. However, I think the prizes are flat out terrible. The All-Star champion pack that comes with an insert and a gold aren’t anything to chase. Lately, the Aaron Hill gold is what they give out and they flat out manipulated the market with the card count on Hill. The insert any VIP can grab for 5,000 coins in the packs so I just don’t understand the thinking behind this pack.

    Secondly, I don’t understand why Bunt feels the need to rake more than half of the buy ins on these tournaments. More people would compete if they were structured like poker tourneys with all the buy ins ( less say a 7% rake) being returned players. If Topps wants more people to play these contest they need to be less stingy on the prizes.

    Finally, the app just seams confused to me, they want contest players but have stingy prizes, the want collectors yet the odds are unreasonable relative to any hard pack odds. With some better management and perhaps a new producer this app could be a huge hit.

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