Force Tip of the Day: Ranking the Weekly Insert Sets

If you havent hopped on the fan feed in SW Card Trader as of late, there is a growing shift towards collecting the weekly inserts, mainly because many of the cards retain the most value through the weeks. They also happen to be some of the cooler looking cards in the game, and I wanted to offer my thoughts on rankings.

1. Vintage Collection


Checklist: 5
Lowest Count on Checklist: 1500
Highest Count on Checklist: 2000
Best Card: Han in the Millenium Falcon

For everyone that has played the other apps that Topps makes, this is the sig equivalent. The way the cards are traded, and the way the release slows down the servers diplay how much people want these cards. The Han card is about as unattainable as it gets, and its only going to get harder as we hit the hyper drive towards week 30.

2. Widevision Collection


Checklist: 5
Lowest Count on Checklist: 1500
Highest Count on Checklist: 3000
Best Card: Help Me Obi-wan Kenobi…

These are easily some of my favorite cards, as the horizontal presentation and cool theater like design really plays well. It captures some of the best scenes from the movies, which means it will automatically carry more value. Although the cards dont have the same collection weight as the Vintage, they are still highly tradeable.

3. Connections Collection


Checklist: 5
Lowest Count on Checklist: 2000
Highest Count on Checklist: 5000
Best Card: Darth Sidious / Darth Maul

When this set hit the sheet, I was so excited. I think it offers one of the more awesome themes of any of the weekly insert sets, and it also has some big names on the checklist. Additionally, the characters that are featured in the set so far are easily some of the most popular around.

4. Topps Choice


Checklist: 5
Lowest Count on Checklist: 2000
Highest Count on Checklist: 4500
Best Card: Jek Porkins

I am a huge fan of this design, and though the character selection is a bit outside my desired taste, the set does carry some really nice value all things considered. I think that as the set progresses, there will be a lot of reasons to continue chasing the cards, as we know that these characters may not have other cards in the game. Time to start petitioning one of the Topps team to pick your favorite guy!

5. Bounty Series


Checklist: 4
Lowest Count on Checklist: 4000
Highest Count on Checklist: 7000
Best Card: Greedo

Cool concept for an insert set, and pulling them from packs gets you an instant coin reward. You cant beat that. The look of the card is one of my favorites in the game, and I love the checklist so far. I think that this set has serious potential, and I hope it continues to go the direction it has.

6. Galactic Moments


Checklist: 5
Lowest Count on Checklist: 5000
Highest Count on Checklist: 7500
Best Card: Ralph McQuarrie

This design is really strong, and the things the set commemorates are awesome. However, being that they are so high in card count does not do them any favors in trade value. I do know that there are a lot of people that are collecting this set regardless, so they do have value.

7. Fan’s Choice


Checklist: 4
Lowest Count on Checklist: 15000
Highest Count on Checklist: 25000
Best Card: Darth Maul

This card is meant for everyone to get a copy of every card, which explains the high card count. These have served as insert throw ins for larger trade deals, and its unfortunate. The interface to select the card is something I havent seen in the other apps, and I would guess that there will be some really cool names that eventually get selected.

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