Force Tip of the Day: Top Value Cards Other Than the Big Three

Now that Android has launched, there are a lot of new players that are looking to establish themselves in a market that has already been chugging for almost two months. That is going to cause some major problems, especially considering the value that some of the cards have.

Just for reference, here are what the big three sell for on the secondary market:

Vintage: Han in the Millenium Falcon

Widevision: Help Me Obi Wan….

Connections: Darth Sidious and Darth Maul

Just from those auctions you can see what the asking prices are for major cards in the game. These are easily some of the most valuable cards that exist in any of the digital apps, outside of rare variant sigs from Bunt. That being said, there are a lot of other cards that are also pretty valuable, and I want to discuss a few that could be climbing in value as the new Android crowd comes on board.

Topps Choice: Jek Porkins

As part of the first week of releases when the app launched, Porkins already started climbing in value as the Topps Choice set has become a marathon. Now that the crowd has tried to track down one of hardest in the set, at only 2000 copies, the users have realized how few are actually for trade.

Ebay value definitely reflects this situation:

Topps Choice: Jek Porkins

Sepia Film Quotes

I am a huge fan of the film quotes set, mainly because Star Wars has been just as much about the dialogue as the stories in many cases. As a result, the cards have been hugely valuable, and the sepias are exponentially more than any of the other cards.

Here are what they are going for:

Film Quotes: Han Solo Sepia Variant

Film Quotes: Elegant Weapon Sepia Variant

Vintage: Grand Moff Tarkin

With the main sets in the game, there are a lot of cards that are going to be valuable as long as the marathon exists. Tarkin is a tough get, mainly because so many people have left the game with that card still on their account. Because the card only has 2000 copies, there arent as many in ciruclation. It has led to a lot of value being established.

Here is what they are going for:

Vintage: Grand Moff Tarkin

Nightbrothers Maul and Variants

There has been no more popular set than the Nightbrothers, and many users have tried to speculate which will be the next one just like it. Film Quotes was a possibility, but they arent like the Nightbrothers cards. For a cartoon based set, it just makes it that much more impressive.

Here are the auctions:

Nightborthers Collection: Maul

Nightborthers Collection: Maul Variant

Galactic Moments: Ralph McQuarrie

Although the set has a higher card count, its clear that the first version of every one of the marathon cards are going to be more expensive than the others. Ralph may have a ton of copies, but a lot of people still need the card, very similar to Greedo bounty.

Check it out:

Galactic Moments: Ralph McQuarrie

As the game ages, more cards will surface as the top cards to acquire. So many players will want the cards as the game progresses towards the end of the sets. It might be a good idea to pick them up now.

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