Force Tip of the Day: Award Card Mania Begins Tomorrow!

Its here, its finally here! The day when all that time, money and energy you put into collecting the first 10 weeks of the marathons comes to fruition. The articles have made it very clear how important it is to collect the sets, and I cant wait to see how the awards shake out. This is always one of my favorite times in the app, as the award cards can be extremely exciting and also extremely valuable.


Award cards and yearly marathons started back with 2014 Bunt, and continued through every app that Topps did. Each game has their own weekly sets, some being the cornerstone of the game, others being less important aspects of why the fans keep coming back. In Bunt, some of the weekly cards were so rare, that only a handful of people were able to complete the entire chase. It made for some very valuable cards.

Potential Counts

In SWCT, the lowest count insert in any of the Marathons is 1500, which will present a very interesting situation when we start to see how many people eventually got all of the cards required for each award. Remember, just because the count is 1500, does not mean that all 1500 will have the means to collect the whole set. My guess is that Vintage will be 300-400 copies, and the others will hover around 550-650 in the amount of the sets that got done.  Galactic will probably have the most as many of the cards were 5k in count and above.


This is where things get tricky. I mentioned before that the award cards will not be worth as much as the main cards in the game. Vintage Han will still be the top card. Widevision Obi Wan and Sith Connections will still be worth more than the Vintage award too. Those cards just have too much of a reputation to be unseated atop the heap.

People like the chase in the Topps apps, sometimes to a fault, but they care more about the chase cards instead of the award cards in most cases. The sig rewards in Bunt have been a big exception to the rule, but it all depends on how the cards are created. If they are cool and special, people will want them.

At the same time, I can see Topps not wanting to waste their best material on a card that cant be pulled from a pack. That would kill the spending potential in that respect. Expect something that is really cool, but not game changing like we all believe it should be. If the Vintage award ends up being Darth Vader, ill be shocked.

Future State

I have already resigned myself that its going to be very difficult to complete the 5 sets I completed this time around. Ill probably sit on Vintage as most will, and continue to build the set. I have managed to get 10 dupes, so maybe I can trade for ones I dont have to complete the next leg. Then again, it all depends on the way the award cards are done. If they are a let down for one set, but awesome for another, that could be a big factor.

Color me very excited for tomorrow. Very excited. May the force be with you in your awards this week.

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