Huddle’s Offseason Blitz Continues: Post Draft and Other Sets

I have been thoroughly impressed with Huddle’s offseason so far. Not only have they done some amazing things with the draft, but they have put out some of the best looking cards since the change to headshots. If you havent checked in lately, you are definitely missing out.

Draft Duals and Triples


The draft cards are easily some of my favorite of the entire year, even more than some of the action shot stuff that came before week 2. Being that this is one of my favorite events of the year, I will fully support more cards as the offseason moves along.

The dual player and triple player cards are awesome, with variants adding to the chase that was already very difficult. The value of the top picks has been very high, as people have responded to the first opportunity to get cards of their team’s new weapons. I would love to see some more work get done with these, especially if the NFLPA will allow huddle to take things a step further. There are thousands of photos out there from years worth of rookie combines to use, and I would love to see what TOPPSALFRED can do with the new pictures.

Verdict: Game Winning Touchdown

Offseason Sigs


When the first batch was released a few months ago, I absolutely fell in love with the design. It makes me wish that this was the way the head shot sigs looked all season, as the cards look more dynamic this way with the chalkboard theme.

The award sigs are even cooler, with the silver and gold to represent the white set and the variant set. Overall, these have been a tough chase, but are a big win for the people who stuck around. Very well done.

Verdict: Touchdown

Die Cut Series


I was never a huge fan of the die cut series, mainly because I was a points player, and they didnt score. Although the black design is actually really cool, the blue design isnt one I like. I was happy to see that the award is Teddy Bridgewater, so obviously I chased down all five, but I think a cool re-design would be something worth everyone’s time.

Verdict: Field Goal

Limited Series


This design is a huge upgrade over the original, and I think that the checklist has been pretty good as well. Because the cards are so rare, it can be veeeeeery difficult to collect the set, and I expect that Phillip Rivers will be one of the more exclusive award cards to pick up.

Verdict: Touchdown

Street Series


This round of Street had a great checklist with Luck, Brees and company, and I think that the new design looks better than the original (as good as that was). My only complaint is that the award card is TY Hilton, which put a damper on everything. Hilton played very well in 2014, but has yet to really be someone that is worth collecting a set for. Just my thoughts.

Verdict: Field Goal

Overall, I cannot wait to see what Huddle has in store for the rest of the offseason, especially as the season draws closer. We all know that 2016 will depend on a lot of different factors, and based on what we are seeing, there are some definite bright lights at the end of this tunnel.

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