Bunt Tip of the Day: New Pack Format Gaining Popularity

I have to give the Topps team credit for thinking up some ways to keep people happy with their pack opening experience. Although there have continued to be some tough odds on some of the releases (as there should be), there have also been a few sets now that are readily available for the taking.

With the recent release of Dynamic Duos and Flamethrowers, the odds are finally in your favor with one per pack inserts. It does lead to some pretty high card counts, but the sets look pretty enough that it doesnt necessarily matter as much. There is still a flurry of trade activity of people looking to get the ones they missed, and variant copies make it a chase even with the format.

2 Capture

Its refreshing to see that inserts that have very high availability, still have some sort of trade value that makes it worth chasing the set. This was something also employed in Huddle with the Rookie Premiere Selfie cards, and in SWCT with the Teal base parallels. Each were popular despite the format, and I expect that Bunt will follow suit.

Just for a little more color, inserts are usually one per pack in the physical side of the card business as well. Whether they are refractors in Chrome, or fun sets in Topps base, they are VERY common as compared to what they used to be. It has tanked the value of these cards, but cards like Autographs and Relics still have larger value because of rarity. It speaks to the fact that the segmentation of the inserts in packs can be very much coexistent.

Personally, I think this goes back to the “collect what you like” adage that has popped up around Twitter. Its not about complaining when Bunt releases something you dont like. Just dont collect that. Collect what you feel best suits your personal preferences, and leave everything else to the other users that probably enjoy it much differently than you do. If you dont want a per pack insert format, its simple to just avoid those sets. If you love getting an insert in every pack, maybe these sets are for you.

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2 Responses to Bunt Tip of the Day: New Pack Format Gaining Popularity

  1. Andrew says:

    It’s been more than a month since I pulled anything worthwhile, so it’s nice to be able to actually get an insert with these, even if they won’t have nearly as much trade value. Also helps make it a little more like the physical card experience since as you mentioned there are generally one or two inserts of one kind or another in every physical pack.

  2. BadWolf1197 says:

    These do not sell out until 48 hours, correct (i.e. no limited print #)?

    About 2 hours or so ago, Topps released #11-16 of this set, which should be available until Sat morning. #5-#10 are still on sale until Friday at 4:00PM. I already have #5-10 (got them yesterday). If I wait until after the window for #5-10 is closed, I will ensure that I only get #11-15, but do I risk them selling out beforehand? I really don’t want to dump a lot of coins into these today, just to get dupes if I can cut my odds of getting the needed ones by 1/2 if I wait till tomorrow.

    Again, thanks for all your great information.

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