Topps Series 2 Bunt Player Code Cards – Selling Prices Update

I am a huge fan of this program, as it is the first time that the physical side of Topps Baseball and Topps Bunt have gotten together to cross promote. The biggest draw of the partnership are the ultra rare player 5x boost code cards, which have started to pop up more and more frequently on eBay.

Check out the auctions:

2015 Topps Series 2 Madison Bumgarner Player Code /25

2015 Topps Series 2 Clayton Kershaw Player Code /25

2015 Topps Series 2 Jon Lester Player Code /25

2015 Topps Series 2 Anthony Rizzo Player Code /25

As expected, prices are completely insane. This is likely due to the fact that there are only 25 of each card, and Bunters will be competing with physical player collectors to chase down the cards. Bunters competing with each other can create some bidding wars, and the that only makes this whole program more interesting

So far, I have only heard of my Matt Harvey and one other making it into the game itself, but that will likely change as the cards are shipped and received. Even after the first few auctions have ended, I am going to say that there will be less than 5 of each player redeemed in game. There are too many elements at play to say that it will get much higher than that if at all.

The prices are certainly reflective of this situation, and the king’s ransom I got for Matt Harvey in game is likely going to continue. I would even go so far as saying these cards are worth more in the game than they are on eBay, because of how many eyes will see the card if you post a trade on the fan feed or in an article. Not all bunters know about the cards and what they mean, so the price of 150 or 200 bucks online might be low compared to what someone might want via trade.

Bottom line, these cards are and likely will be some of the most permanently boosted cards available until much later in the season, and that makes them hugely important. Im sure that the play structure is going to be changing now that certain contests have dropped off, but its all going to be dependent on the Bunt team and their plan.

If I am a points player, I am going to chase down one of the big pitchers who is likely going to be playoff bound. Just to have. Either way, its cool just to have as a collection piece. More will be coming in Topps Update, interested to see the checklist there too.


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2 Responses to Topps Series 2 Bunt Player Code Cards – Selling Prices Update

  1. Tim white says:

    I traded for arolids chapmen redemption. Although not a huge points play what kind of trade value can this bring. I gave a 10 Bob machado and 2 100 bobs for it. I’m a big reds fan so I may just keep the card, but curious your thoughts on trade value.

  2. Miles Noe says:

    Well at the very least the physical card just sold on Ebay for about $110, would be nice if you could aquire it as well as the Bunt card. I have only seen one or two on ebay go for less than $100. I refuse to pay much more than that either. As much as I want one, I know I will never pull one. I actually saw a guy selling a Mike Trout on ebay today for 799.99 or best offer. Kind of ridiculous to a point!

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